Friday, May 27, 2011

Hi summer! We've missed you...

Delaney & Mrs. Robinson

"The Breakfast Club" aka Indya, Delaney, Jessa & Jacob

Hadley & Jayden (he was sweet enough to show her the ropes on the playground).

Hadley exploring the jungle gym

I think she was peeved we had to stop playing to go eat.

Okay, I know I haven't been blogging a whole lot lately. With the end of the school year coming to a close today, let's just say we've been super busy lately. The girls have had endless parties, award ceremonies, performances, lunches, gymnastics, karate, etc. While some are sad school is ending, I could not be more happy. It's not just the kiddos that need a break. No sirree. This momma needs one herself. No more 5:30 a.m. for me. No way. One of the girls is going to have to shake me awake. I'm sleeping in. Having coffee. Pulling my hair up into a ponytail and hitting the pool. Oh pool, how I have missed thee. I am going to slather up with the sunscreen, pack a zillion toys and bask in the sunshine. I am going to read a book. Or two. Or way more knowing me (and a big thanks to my mom who has introduced me to such fabulous authors that it keeps me from wanting to do anything past the bare necessities). Yes, this house is welcoming summer with big open arms. And it's glorious!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

3 stripes

So the Tae Kwon Do is really working out. I had my doubts at first, mainly because for the first two weeks we saw no other girls. Delaney didn't seem too upset about it but I couldn't believe that she would be the only girl in the white belt class. Since then many other girls have trickled in and I sighed a huge sigh of relief. Then I was concerned that Delaney was not getting it. She seemed a little uncoordinated and she seemed to forget some of the moves she was learning. She is currently going to class 3 times a week (even though she has told me she could go every day if I would just take her). Not happening. So for weeks she was walking around with one lowly green stripe on her white belt. I could tell she was trying really hard not to get upset or frustrated by the fact that some of the others had more stripes than she did. "Some of those kids have been coming longer than you have." Mr. Rodgers has repeatedly told her she's doing great and just to keep practicing the moves at home.

Fast forward to this week. I noticed, while balancing Hadley on my lap while she's playing Delaney's DS and babbling to Spongebob & Patrick like they're having a private conversation, that Delaney was looking good out there. She was sharper in her moves and was able to defend herself a bit better than I've seen before. Tuesday she was awarded with her second stripe, a blue stripe. Thursday she was awarded with her third stripe, a red stripe. I think there is only one remaining stripe for her to achieve, an orange one. After that she gets to do "testing" to advance up into a yellow belt. It's all about the belt people. The look on her face as her instructor taped on her stripe(s) was priceless. I was elated for her! She looked over at me smiling her big smile and I gave her a little wave with my own huge smile to let her know that I saw her do it and I was so proud.

Fast forward to two days later in our front yard. Delaney is wearing her karate belt because she's going to "teach" me how to do TKD. Okay. Shouldn't be too hard. She shows me a few moves to help me learn how to get out of an attack if the attacker is holding onto my wrist. I nail it. She shows me a few "sweep" moves with her hand which basically ended with her chopping my stomach with her arm. Ouch. Kinda hurt but moving on. She then shows me a series of different moves (about 5-6) with a block here and a punch there. Okay, I'm a little lost. "Please show me again." So we do it about 4-5 times. I'm feeling kinda kick ass. Some neighbors drive by. Our good friends stop and chat for a few minutes. I'm feeling all zen with my jeans and bare feet doing TKD in the grass with my biggest. And I'm sending a message. Don't mess with us, we know TKD and we will kick your ass if we have to. For real.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Water, water, everywhere!

With the end of the school year looming ahead (just next week), Hadley's preschool class had their end of year party today. We ate outside alfresco-style and then the kids suited up and hit the water. It was simple really: 2 tiny baby pools, a Nemo sprinkler, bubbles, sugar cookies & jello cups but the kids really had a blast. Makes you realize how sometimes we can really blow things out of proportion when it takes very little to make them happy. My girl would have been happy with an endless supply of whipped topping. Her lunch today consisted of 1 bite of her turkey & cheese sandwich, fruit chews, 2 sugar cookies, and 1 jello cup. Normally I would have let her starve than give her so much crap all at once but it was a par-tay so what's a momma gonna do? Those kids are just darn lucky I didn't elbow them out of the way and take over that sprinkler. With temperatures reaching towards 90 degrees and a scrap of shade the size of my foot, it was freaking hot! But with the squeals and shrieks reaching an all-time high, it was totally worth it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kindergarten PTA Performance

This is a combination of all 4 Kindergarten classes.

A ridiculously cute version of The Three Little Pigs.

Sassy Pose!

Here's our big 'ole Kindergartener! She just melts our hearts...

It's funny because the "lion face" is becoming Hadley's signature pose and I didn't even realize she did this until after I snapped the picture.

Don't you just love how Delaney is trying her Hollywood-weird-head-angle-look? All that singing in front of such a large crowd tends to do this to a person.

So of course I am that mother that took her digital camera to her first born daughter's Kindergarten performance only to realize the batteries need to be charged. But alas, I had spare batteries in my purse for such an occasion. Unfortunately, because of an incident about 6 months prior where an unnamed individual was swinging said camera around and it slipped and fell and now the darn compartment where the batteries are stored won't shut unless it's taped shut with shipping tape no less, so I couldn't manage to get the tape loose so I could replace the batteries. So the moral of this story is...don't swing your camera around like an idiot thinking you won't drop it because you will. And make sure your ghetto ass camera's batteries are charged and ready to go for such an important milestone in your child's life.

We were serenaded with songs such as Goldilocks & the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs and Humpty Dumpty. My personal favorite was the Three Little Pigs where the kids all whipped out their sunglasses and the boys were croaking in the lowest voice they could achieve trying to mimic the wolf. It was so darn cute! I could tell my girl was nervous but she did everything she was supposed to and I couldn't have been more proud of her.

Later that night...

Me: There were a lot of people there tonight. Were you nervous singing in front of so many people?

D: Yes I was momma. But I just focused and kept on singing like I was supposed to.

Me: Focused? (Mind you I know what this word means but have never her my girl utter this word in a sentence before).

D: You know, focused. Like I was watching my teachers real hard and not watching the people in the bleachers so I wouldn't be scared. Mrs. Robinson told us to do that if we were scared.

Me: What a good idea! You were so great!

And she was so great. Another night that reminds me that my big first born daughter is growing up. And she makes this family so proud. And we love her so much!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A superstar is born...

Hadley with Ms. Beth & other girls in her age group

One of the down sides to working weekends (besides the fact that you're working on the weekend), is that sometimes I have to miss things that are important to my family. Or certain members of the family. Today I missed Hadley's Gymnastics Spring Fling which is basically a time where each individual class can show off what they've been working on throughout the year. Each child gets a medal so everyone feels like a winner. And while they did the same things they do every Friday when I take her, I still missed seeing my Hadley girl in action. It dawned on me while I was down on myself for not being present, I still have it good. I get to spend 5 whole days every week from sun up to sun down with my girls. I only have to work 10-12 hours total on the weekends. And while I missed today, I took off tomorrow from work so I will get to spend Mother's Day with my family. Life can be full of disappointment. I just do my best and hope the rest will work itself out. When Hadley got home today and pulled out her medal with the biggest smile ever, I know that we can't be doing it all wrong. The kids are alright...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dead Reckoning

Okay people. I know there are some really important things going on in the world at the moment. For me one of those things happens to be that Charlaine Harris has released another book in her fabulous Sookie Stackhouse series, Dead Reckoning. Book #11 for those of you keeping track. It was released on Tuesday and of course you know as soon as I dumped Hadley off at preschool, I had to race over to Barnes & Noble. I started rereading the entire series about a month ago. I have one more left to finish and then I can crack this baby open. Yeah! Doug called me a dork for racing over there the day it was put on the shelf and buying a copy. No honey, not a dork. Just a HUGE freaking fan. And if memory serves, the first set of these books was a gift from...Doug.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Inspired by Nature

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with my biggest little. Delaney girl. Now that she's in school we don't get much alone time together anymore. Yesterday I promised her we would go do something together. Just the two of us. Now if you know Delaney, you know that she has an intense love of lions, cheetahs and tigers. It all started when we introduced the movie, Lion King. And she's not the only fanatic. Meet little sister Hadley. We have a huge bin full of lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, etc. in the playroom and my girls have been known to round them ALL up, grab The Lion King book, and head outside where they both reenact the entire book bit by bit. Anyway, when I saw previews for Disney's movie, African Cats, I knew this was a movie for my girls. Since Saturday afternoon was an afternoon for just me and Delaney, we decided to see it anyway with promises that if it was REALLY good we would bring back the whole darn family. Needless to say, we will be doing just that.

I was really blown away by this documentary. For me, it portrayed the love of these families, both lions and cheetahs. There were parts where I laughed out loud. There were parts where I thought I'd chew my fingernails completely off. There were parts where I could have sobbed. The main thing I took away from this movie is that motherhood really is universal. It doesn't matter if you're a lion, cheetah or a human being but as mothers, we all have this instinct to love and protect our offspring no matter what. No matter what it takes. No matter what we have to do. We will go to the ends of the Earth to protect our babies. I came away from this movie feeling like everything just made more sense. I can't even put it into words to describe the emotions that I felt but it was very inspiring. It felt really big to me. And it was just plain wonderful. So I would tell EVERYONE to take an afternoon to go and enjoy this film. It is worth seeing and I am very much excited that I get to go and see it again.

These pictures were taken in Amicolola Falls. This was a "friend" that Delaney made half way up the mountain. We finally had to coax her into letting the little guy go so he could go eat and just be a caterpillar (cause she must have carried him for a good 15 minutes or so). I like these pictures because they show Delaney as we all really know her to be which is in love with nature and everything in it.