Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Easter at Amicalola Falls

I did NOT care for how close this snake was. Luckily, it wasn't moving at all. Judging by the bulge in its mid-section, I'm assuming it had just eaten and was dozing a bit. Sometimes I think we're all so much alike.

Centipede or as my girls like to call them, a thousand legger! Gave me the heeby jeebies...

This is us all sweaty and starting to get tired; about half way up to the top of the falls. I'm not mentioning any names but there was someone in our family who was so not having the picture taking at this moment.

Almost there! Isn't it just beautiful? So amazing...

We have reached the top! This is the view looking down at the falls.

Getting to play in the water always makes our campers MUCH happier!

It took all of 2 minutes for Delaney to slip on a rock and fall on her side, soaking her with really chilly water. Aside from the shock of the temperature of the water, she was a really good sport about it. Which was good because her spare clothes were in the car which was all the way back down the mountain.

Time for silly faces (although Hadley looks a bit peeved).

According to Hadley, this is her "lion" face. Hee, hee...

Our view on the way back down the mountain. Just so beautiful...

Delaney kept calling this particular section of the woods, the "scary" part. I kinda thought it was cool but did agree with her nonetheless.

For our Easter, we decided to spend our day at Amicalola Falls State Park. To give you some history, these falls are 729 feet long~tallest east of the Mississippi River. The girls and I had never been before. Doug had been years back & didn't remember it all that well. So we packed up the car with lunch, tons of bottled water and back packs. I could not believe that not only did our girls hike all the way to the top of the mountain on foot, they did it with little complaining. Which is miraculous considering our last hike through Red Top Mountain was a disaster and we maybe hiked a mile or so on pretty flat land. Of course we encountered "wild life" along the way which I didn't really care for all that much. We encountered 3 snakes before we were even 1/4 of a mile into our hike (2 snakes could NOT be photographed because they were in the water, very poisonous and I didn't feel like spending my day off in the hospital). And it was all I could do not to stomp on that thousand legger we saw. Guh-ross!

Doug and I have been to several of the state parks and in my opinion, this is one of the more beautiful ones our state has to offer. The falls were so amazing! Just beautiful. I look forward to going back again and possibly staying in one of the cottages you can rent. No tents for this chick. I can just picture us sitting around the fire, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs on a stick and watching the girls catch fireflies in their jars. What could be better than that?

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