Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let the games begin...

Delaney & Karalyna

The Littles (Juliana & Hadley) deciding they'd rather watch Hadley's favorite! "The girl bunny."

Yes, Hadley was NOT happy and cried on the baby swings.

Now I know how Six Flags makes all their money...$3 per kid to play a game.

So Day 1 of Spring Break was spent at Six Flags with our neighbors and good friends, Karalyna & Juliana. It worked out nicely going with them because the littles don't really want to ride anything which means the adults don't ride much and the older girls have each other and are tall enough to ride without an adult. Karalyna is definitely more adventurous than Delaney. If this occurred and became a problem, one of the adults would ride with her while the others would watch and corral the rest of the kids. I told Doug about her enthusiasm to ride roller coasters and I swear he became envious of our neighbors. I'm not even gonna tell him that Kristen informed me she rode Space Mountain with Karalyna while they were at Disney this past fall. Because while we love our girls, they are totally wimpy in the ride department. While we are not.

All in all, GREAT first day spent of our Spring Break. The kids watched a show. They ate popcorn. Delaney rode the log ride...and freaking LOVED it. Never mind that I had to coax her onto it and she was very hesitant to get on it because of the hill at the end. When it was over she declared it her favorite ride of the day and wanted to do it again! As the temperatures hit 83 degrees and fights starting breaking out between the siblings, Kristen and I gave each other a knowing look and packed it up. We refilled our drink cups & popcorn buckets and hit the parking lot where we said good-bye to each other while the girls all exchanged hugs and excited squeals. I cranked up the a/c, hit the gas and took our tired, stinky selves home for day.

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Carmen said...

Glad you guys had fun! But $3 per game? Damn.