Saturday, April 23, 2011

A big girl now...

Dear Hadley,

I just cannot believe we celebrated your 4th birthday today! I mean I know I say this every single year but it's really going by too fast! I need it to slow down because I fear that you and your sister are just growing up WAY too fast for my taste. This was a really fun birthday for you because it was the first year you were so anxious to turn a year older. You've been talking about turning 4 for weeks. "Am I 4 yet?" This was something you've asked us every single day. And what better way to celebrate your special day than to do it at your very favorite place?! Gymnastics! This is one of your favorite things to get to do each week. You always know when it's Friday and we suit up into your leotard and head to Ms. Beth's class where you hang upside down like a monkey, roll on the mats, walk gracefully on the balance beam, and tackle the many obstacle courses that are always set up. I love that you love it so much. I love that you're so passionate about it. And I hope it is something you continue to love as I enjoy watching you do it.

This has been a very big year for you. You walk the halls of your preschool without big sissy at your side. You gave up your pacifiers! Hallelujah! That was a really BIG deal but apparently not too big because you didn't cry one single time (thankfully). You did it so matter of factly. You transitioned from the crib to toddler bed. Okay, so you did this like a year ago but I don't think I ever mentioned it so I'm doing that now. And you never even gave me a fight on this either which was sooo nice. And it was super nice that you not the wanderer like your sister. You just go to bed. No questions asked. You do things all the time without my asking you and it makes me realize how grown up you truly are. You're silly. Super silly sometimes but I always know that if I'm having a bad day, you will brighten it up. You like to come home from preschool and "snuggle" with me in my room. You like to brush my hair and attach about 30 hair clips in various places. You are much too lenient with letting Delaney boss you around but you seem to sense how important this is to her and it doesn't bother you. You are always the concerned sister/friend if someone gets hurt. You cry sometimes if I am too hard on Delaney. You tell me "you hurt D's feelings!" And it makes me want to squeeze you so hard because you're so compassionate.

I love you so very much my sweet little girl! I hope you've had an awesome 4th birthday! You make me so proud and I couldn't have asked for a better baby girl.

Love, Momma

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