Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Royal Celebration!

Inside of Cinderella's Castle

Of all the princesses we met this time, Belle had to be the nicest (okay...maybe Cinderella was super sweet too but that's just a given).

Delaney chose ice cream for her dessert. Of course, Disney spares no expense with ALL the toppings!

Look at the size of this cupcake! Yeesh...

So, of course I saved the very BEST for last! Our Royal Lunch with Cinderella & the princesses. Last time we were at Disney, Hadley got sick and had to miss lunch at the castle. Which means I also missed it. Delaney and Doug just went on and on about how much fun it was and how cool it was to meet Cinderella. Although, Delaney was pretty miffed that Cinderella didn't actually sit down and have a meal with her. I guess I can see where we mislead her. That's another story. So this time, we all remained healthy and no one missed it. Not even me! And I have to say, of all the awesome things we did while at Disney freaking World, this had to be one of my absolute favorite things. It was so cool! After you take your picture (professionally done) with Cinderella, you are whisked off to the ballroom where you are seated at your own table and served lunch. And not just any lunch. Of course, the girls had kid friendly chicken nuggets served with fruit and fancy cheese. The adults got to choose from a short menu and I ended up with some baked fish served with angel hair pasta in wine sauce. I was trying hard not to get too excited since we had been surviving on pizza, hamburgers and waffles. But delicious isn't even the word. It was MUCH better than that! While you're eating your meal, they send the princesses in one by one to go to each table. Each princess was really nice. She would chit chat with the girls for a minute and then sign autograph books & pose for pictures. For some reason, both girls got a little chattier with Belle than they did with the others. She was extremely nice and answered all questions they had. Delaney was grilling her on why she never wears her yellow ball gown like in the movie. Belle explained that it was at the cleaners and she prefers her blue dress because it's more comfortable. After bumping fists with Belle and sending her on to the next table, lunch started to wind down and it was time to depart. I think I was truly the saddest to leave. After all, it's always me who goes home the bluest after we leave Disney behind. Always deflated, always looking forward to the next time around. And yes, we've already set the date for our next trip down!

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