Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our life at the moment...

So now that I've posted all the fabulous Disney pictures and babbled on and on about what a great time we had, it's back to the grind. Back to cupcake making, shopping, bouncing, playdates, gymnastics, karate, and on. And on. And on. But seriously, I feel very content at the moment. Sometimes, I allow my insecurities as a mother, wife, friend, daughter, etc. sneak in and seize hold of my thoughts. To keep me on the couch one day when I know I should be at the park letting the girls ride their bikes or swing from the monkey bars. I think as mothers we all have these "funky" days when it just plain feels impossible. Impossible to do more than stick in a movie and snuggle up on the couch with my littles. I am learning that it's okay to not be a perfect mother. It's been a hang up of mine since the day Delaney was born. Always have to be going, going, going. Never a dull moment! Got to keep these girls stimulated 24/7. But lately, I have been reveling in the fact that sometimes, it's the "dull" moments that I am looking forward to and enjoying with the girls.

Example (1) Cupcake Making
Hadley loves to help "make" things in the kitchen so I try to let her help me as much as I can. It's these little things that really brighten up her day. Which in turn brightens up my day too.

These were the cupcakes we made especially for St. Patrick's Day. We toyed around with the frosting until we got the color we liked best. Such a festive green if you ask me!

Please meet the newest addition to our family, Girl Frog #2. While away on vacation, we lost Girl Frog #1. Hadley was pretty bummed about it but frankly, I decided that it was for the best considering how gross and smelly that poor thing had become. And for the record, YES, I absolutely wash these frogs. They would be MUCH more disgusting if not.

This is Boy Frog. See what I'm saying? Just a mess. And Girl Frog #1 was WAY worse than this poor guy.

Awwwww! Girl Frog #2 at her best, fresh out of the box. I hope she stays this way for a while.

Example (2) Day at the Lake with Hadley

Hadley and I packed a picnic, a load of beach toys and drove over to Lake Acworth. This day was so perfect. It was just the two of us. We sat on our blanket in the sand and basked in the sunshine while munching on our sandwiches.

It was nice just to play in the sand. To watch Hadley dig around. To watch the sand fall gently into the bucket.

Hadley buried my feet! Well..sort of.

Our "heart" shaped sand castles. Hadley needed a whole village.

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