Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The oh so Magical Kingdom!

Days 1, 2, 6 & 7 were spent at the Magic Kingdom during our ~Disney World Extravaganza~ha ha! I promise not to be so obnoxious. This is actually my favorite park. It is by far the most crowded but there are so many fun things to do and I think it definitely entertains the littles the most. This trip was a little different than the last one for an assortment of reasons. The most noticeable thing is that our girls have become wimpy. I say that with love but seriously, Doug and I were kind of annoyed with them.
Us: What do you mean you don't like roller coasters anymore??!?
Hadley: I don't want to go fast!
Delaney: I'm scared. I'll ride anything but roller coasters.
Us: (DAMMMIT) (You both stink) Let's get in line for Snow White's Scary Adventure.
Hadley: NOOOOOO! I'm scared of the witch!!!
Us: (Sigh)
Hadley: I want to ride the Haunted Mansion!
Delaney: Me too!
Us: (I'm mouthing WTF to Doug) So let's get this straight, you won't ride Snow White but you want to ride the Haunted Mansion? Again...
Hadley: Yay!!!
So this was a big indicator of how our trip was going to go down. Nothing fast. Or scary. Or fun for the grown-ups. My hopes of riding Space Mountain with Delaney were squashed. We did manage to get them both on Thunder Mountain only to have the ride end with not one but two kids opening crying and the littlest little sobbing. And I love the dirty looks from the other parents. Nice.
The weather was absolutely beautiful the whole trip. It was sunny & in the low 80's the entire time. Sometimes it was a bit much. Like when you're standing in line waiting for Donald Duck's autograph and there's not a shady tree to be seen anywhere. And the girls are whining about how tired, hot and thirsty they are. The lady in front of me, who has 3 kids that are not just whining but seriously coming apart, looks at me and smiles. "Whoever said this is the most magical place? It'd be a more magical trip if I were on the beach holding a Corona in my hand!" She chuckles and turns around to hiss at her kids to shut up and wait their turn. While I can certainly sympathize with her, I have to disagree on one point. This is the most freaking magical place on earth. S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y! And this mama, can't wait to go back...

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