Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jump Rope for Heart

Delaney's school had their "Jump Rope for Heart" jump off today. It helps raise money for the American Heart Association. Delaney's been talking about it for weeks and practicing in PE as well. I didn't know it was such a big deal until this morning as she's getting ready for school.

D: Mommy, are you coming to watch me jump rope today?

Me: I don't know. I don't think the parents are invited.

D: Yes they are. Mrs. Robinson told us that we should invite our parents.

Me: Okay. I'll try to come.

Well, how could I not go? Even though I had plenty to keep me busy around this house and I had declared the night before that I was going to do the hardwood floors come hell or high water. So much for the trash talk. I totally blew that off and decided, life is too short to worry about my floors. I'm sure there aren't many years left of Delaney wanting me to be by her side, surrounded by her friends. There will come that day when I'm not allowed to stand beside her because gawd forbid if I embarrass her. You know...because I'm old or something. So I went. I had a great time! I chatted it up with her and her "group" that she was assigned to sit with from her class. I was one of three parents that showed up from Delaney's class. Which means I was completely bombarded with information regarding boo-boos, older siblings, and which toys are cool and not so cool. One of Delaney's friends, Bryce, informed me that her cat bit her arm and she cried because she always cries when she gets hurt. Reagan informed me that someone stole his PS2 Player and he's very upset about it. He did not ask Santa for a new one because his list was too long. Darien has a heart condition that won't allow him to drink certain kinds of Coca-Cola products (he even showed me his scars).

Can I just say how darn proud I was of Delaney today? SO PROUD! That girl can seriously jump rope! One of the volunteers who held the rope when she did the "long" jump looked at me and said, "Is she your daughter? She is by far the best I've seen all day and we've already had the 1st graders in here." My heart felt like it was going to burst. My sweet smiley Kindergartner was rocking the long jump. And this momma was glad she told the hardwoods to eff off for the day...

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