Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Dance by Lezlie Evans

Pressure's falling
forecast's calling
for a snowstorm late today.

"Find your warm boots
lay out snowsuits
do a snow dance and it may!"

Slowly drifting
downward sifting
falls a single flake of snow.

Snow grows thicker
coming quicker
now the flakes begin to flow.

Sun's rays streaming
white drift gleaming
school is canceled for the day!

Bushes glimmer
sparkle, shimmer
"May we go outside and play?"

"Put warm clothes on
start with long johns
bundle up from head to toe."

"Next come snowsuits
coats and big boots
hats and gloves, then off you go!"

Outside clomping
boot prints stomping
tasting, munching
fresh snow crunching

snow cakes baking
angel making
funny patterns in the snow.

Ice sheets cracking
snowman stacking
snowballs packing
friends attacking

frozen fingers
still we linger
having too much fun to go.

Red sled riding
downhill gliding
slipping, sliding
now colliding!

Rudolph noses
ice cold toeses
as we trudge home through the snow.

Inside filing
wet clothes piling
"Come and thaw out by the fire."

Mittens dripping
cocoa sipping
now we all begin to tire.

Day's now ending
night's descending
yet we're glad we've had the chance...
whirling, twirling
snowflakes swirling...
to be part of the snow dance.

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