Friday, January 7, 2011

Quick takes...

I apologize for lack of blogging lately. So many things happening. Where do I even begin?

1. Ringworm. Gross right? Apparently, Oliver, unbeknownst to me, had ringworm. He had it almost two frigging weeks before it became obvious. Which means that...the whole effing house got it too! Now me and Doug, we got maybe 2 spots. That's it. Hadley, well, she had probably 8-10 spots. And Delaney? She had at least 15-20 spots (I wish I were joking). Of course this was all discovered on Christmas Eve. No visit to Santa this year girls! I'm sure he appreciated this as well because I sure as hell wouldn't want some kid giving me ringworm. Did I have a meltdown you ask? I had a meltdown so big that poor Doug thought I was having some sort of psychotic episode and was contemplating sending me to enjoy my Christmas at the funny farm. I have never been so angry and upset as I was about the ringworm. In the midst of my meltdown, Doug did point out that it was just ringworm and I should be grateful that Oliver is otherwise healthy (in comparison to little Joey). So I quit crying and slathered the whole family with cream. Everyone had to visit their doctor. The girls and Oliver all are currently taking an oral medication for 6-8 weeks. You've never truly enjoyed giving medicine until you have to give it twice a day to your kitten. Oliver spies me coming with the syringe and stops swallowing. I am not joking. He starts drooling profusely. I have to hold him down with both legs and pry open his mouth all the while holding his head in a headlock position so when I insert the medicine he can't spit it all over himself and me. Good times I tell you. Good times.

2. About 4 weeks ago, I became a brunette. Again. So I was born a blond which I remained for a good portion of my life until I was in high school. I noticed by the time I graduated that it was mostly brunette with a few random blond highlights. So I started getting highlights courtesy of my hair stylist. With all the new medication costs we're now paying and in an effort to pay off debt, I decided to stop getting my hair highlighted. But I really wanted to stay blond. So I figured, why not try to do it myself? Which probably would have been okay if I had picked the right shade. Which I didn't. So I ended up with orange hair. No shit. So I have retired from my hair coloring days and am content to be a brunette until I can afford to go back to having it professionally highlighted.

3. Every year after Christmas I get the winter blues. I hate winter. A lot. I only like it long enough to celebrate Christmas and then I am ready for it to be over with. Except this year. We are currently in countdown mode around here. We are counting down the days until...we leave for Disney World! Oh yeah! I am like a child when you dangle Disney World in front of me! When Doug called to tell me that he officially had booked our condo, I would have pulled over to do cartwheels had I not already been late to pick up Delaney from school. Yeah...I'm that excited! For winter break (which we've never had until this year), we are packing it up and heading south for a week of good 'ole fashion family fun. We are hoping and praying that this trip is better than our last trip in which Hadley had to be hospitalized for a night due to strider. Hadley and I also missed our princess lunch in Cinderella's castle. No worries though. Doug has booked us another one in hopes that we all will be able to attend. Now the task of the girls deciding which dress they will wear...

So these are a few things going on in our house? What's going on in yours?

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Sarah said...

Wow, you guys have been busy. I'm sorry to hear about the ringworm. My friend and I got it when we were teenagers. She got a spot right in the middle of her forehead-it was terrible! We have been busy too and I haven't blogged since Christmas. Hopefully I'll get around to it soon!