Friday, December 10, 2010


Meet Oliver. Our new kitty! Because I am a woman of my word, exactly one year later, we are trying again (never mind the fact that Delaney has reminded me every single week for the past year that we can get a new kitty in December before Christmas). So we decided to return to the shelter that we adopted our sweet dog Buddy from, the Cobb County Animal Shelter. Delaney found the noisiest kitten available and said, "I want this one! He needs us mommy!" So after giving Oliver the third degree and all but sifting through his cat box to make sure his poop was firm and not odd looking, we slapped our $30 down and got the hell out of there before I could change my mind. Which I've done three times in the past two weeks. Seriously. I had cold feet like no body's business. Nonetheless, our little Oli (as only I like to call him) is a joy. I forgot how effing adorable kittens can be. I also forgot that I have to watch where I'm walking constantly so I don't step on the poor kitten and crush him. All 1.6 ounces of him.

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