Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To my sweet firstborn daughter as you turn 6....

Dear Delaney,

I find myself at a loss this year. What can I say? I never expected the first six years of your life to have gone by so quickly. I say this because I never used to believe this. It seemed like a statement that "older" people were always making. But now I am faced with the harsh truth, time is going too quickly and I can't stand it. It makes my heart ache to think of you turning six today. You are such a joy in our lives. My sweet firstborn daughter. My people pleaser. My brown noser. My best friend. My pain in the neck. My funny girl. My pet lover. My bossy know-it-all girl. My little cookie dough lover. My little helper. My story teller. My drama queen.

This past year was a big year for you. You went from being in preschool to Kindergarten with the big kids. At first you did NOT want to ride the school bus and now you are begging me relentlessly to ride it even though I keep telling you "no" and that "Mommy's not ready." You went from reading sight words in preschool to full fledged reading over the summer. You now read one book to mommy and/or daddy every night before you go to sleep. It's mind boggling is what it is. To watch you read is a joy to me. I LOVE to read. I read all the time as you know. I love that you also seem to have a love of books. Sometimes I'm amazed at how much alike we seem to be.

Something I hope and will always pray for is that we remain as close as we are today throughout the years. There will come a time where we will not see eye-to-eye and of course will disagree. There will come a time when you will stop needing me to kiss your boo-boos. Just know, my arms will always be here to comfort you.

All my love,


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