Friday, November 19, 2010

It's a Shutterfly Christmas....

Okay, so most of you know that I LOVE pictures. Not like. LOVE. I would be embarrassed if I had to walk through our house at this very minute and count how many pictures and frames I have. It's obscene. Some of my favorite gifts given to me are of! Just to give you a glimpse of this I have posted a few pictures below of the inside of our house.
In our family room.

The wall leading up the stairs.

With Christmas a mere 36 days away, I'm already thinking of what gifts to give. My absolute favorite gifts come from one of my favorite photo stores. Shutterfly! I have been using their website for years. 8 years to be exact. So what kind of gifts do I like to buy? Glad you asked!

This is a photo book we made one year for Father's Day for Doug. It is so darn precious! I am a huge scrapbooker but this particular year I went from one to two kids and did not get much scrapbooking done. I wanted something for Doug that he could take to work and keep on his desk. This book was perfect! We made it mostly with pictures of around the time Hadley was born. It turned out really nicely! The girls still love to check it out and read it like a story book. To make one all your own go to:

This is another fun gift we've made. This one in particular was given to Doug many moons ago after Hadley was born. We've made mugs before for others and you can get hot chocolate or a gift card to Starbucks. Delaney has made many of these for teachers as end of the year gifts.

This is my all time favorite gift to give! We make these every single year for ourselves and usually the grandparents. We pick out our favorite pictures from the past year and organize them into beautiful calendars. The girls are so cute about helping me pick out their favorite pictures (sometimes I disagree with them). I was looking through old calendars just the other day marveling at how much our kids have grown up over the years. To create your own calendar go to:

Something else I've been pondering since the Christmas season is upon us (36 days people), is what kind of Christmas card are we going to do. Some years I dress the girls in their cute Christmas attire and make them model and pose for me. Some years I just weed through our pictures of the year gone by and pick a few favorites. My favorite Christmas card is the photo Christmas card. They are easy, cute and simple. I like the simple part the most because I get tired of writing every single card with the exact same thing scrawled out at the bottom. My hand appreciates it too! The hard part will be choosing which one to use. There are so many cute choices! Maybe I will let the girls choose. Yes, that's exactly what I will do. To create your photo cards go to:

Shutterfly is offering 50 free Christmas cards to bloggers that sign up at:

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