Saturday, November 6, 2010

D's Birthday Sleepover

iCarly Cupcakes

Delaney's Birthday Banner

Goodie Bags (which Doug would like to see be phased out as he thinks it's completely ridiculous but I won't be the one to stop it).

The Mob (Delaney, MacKenzie, Lizzie, Nathalie & Hadley)

They really get into this! Although Hadley looks like she's modeling not doing silly faces.

This year Delaney opted for a slumber party and a big gift. An iPod touch to be exact. Yes. I'm not even kidding. She has been begging, pleading, whining, and pouting for an iPod touch. I told her this year that if she really wanted one, no big party. I refuse to spend $300 on a party and then buy a $200 present. I told Delaney that in case she hadn't heard of such a thing, the country is in what I like to call a recession and that includes this house. So either a big fancy party or a big fancy gift. Obviously, big fancy gift won out. And I'm not sure it was such a bad idea really. The slumber party was a huge hit. The girls all seemed to have such a great time together. We did pizza & cake, painted picture frames, made beaded bracelets, popped popcorn & watched Toy Story 3 and of course trashed the entire upstairs by dragging out every single toy we own and rearranging the play room. We drug Delaney's mattress out of her room and deposited it on the play room floor along with the queen sized mattress from our guest bed. All the girls slept on a mattress so we didn't even have to make them sleep on the floor. That's the real treat in my opinion! The most amazing part, they were all sound asleep by 10:45. They were also wide freaking awake at 6:30 a.m. With the damn chickens....

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