Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yellow River Ranch

Today, we ventured over to the Stone Mountain area to a place called the Yellow River Ranch. Several friends had told me I just had to check this place out. I have two of the biggest animal lovers on the planet. I'm sure Delaney is dreaming up a way to trade in her new coat for fur as I type this. Anyway, this place did NOT disappoint. In fact, we all loved it so much we're planning our next trip.
Hadley feeding the deer (with her BARE hands people)! I have to admit, at first I was a little nervous. I mean, has anyone else seen the show, "When Animals Attack!" Needless to say, I had a clip of this playing in the back of my mind as I planted a few sliced apples into Hadley's hand. All for nothing though because these little deer were so precious I was ready to trade in my coat for fur as well.

Delaney feeding the deer. The deer loved the quiet kid. Told Delaney to shut up her little sister who was scaring the shit out of her.

The deer staring at Hadley. Hadley was shrieking "Look, it's a DEER!!!" at the top of her lungs. I lost count of how many times in the first two minutes I tried to quiet her down.

Bob the squirrel. These little guys were everywhere! They were damn adorable! This squirrel walked right up to me and politely took a peanut from my palm. I fainted from all the excitement.

Delaney giving her neck hold again. Clearly showing she dominates little sister. Or perhaps would like to think she does.

Hadley petting a bunny. There was a sign posted in front of the bunny pen that said, "Do NOT chase the bunnies. If you can't follow the rules, you may NOT enter." I reiterated this all to Hadley word for word.

I seriously thought for a fraction of a second that I would love to own a bunny. They're so soft!

Only 25 cents! Sign us up....

This 25 cents almost cost a trip to the ER. No one told us that is was three times as fast as the others. We were just happy that Hadley held on for 8 seconds.

See how annoying we can be? Delaney is already over us.

Me and my sweet little pea

Thursday, November 25, 2010

This year I am thankful for....

This year, Thanksgiving, was one of the best we've ever had. Why? Because it was the first year the girls were so darn helpful. They wanted me to include them on the WHOLE process. From the early morning pumpkin cheesecake making to the turkey to the casseroles. And I enjoyed every minute of it let me tell you. I always knew there was a reason God blessed us with girls. I know what makes them tick and I know what to do to keep the occupied and happy. So not only did they help in the kitchen, they also helped with setting the table. They did about 85% of it without me. I gave them a little direction and the rest was all them. They were so cute. And so darn proud of themselves! It was one of those days where I felt like my heart would just burst with joy. Like I couldn't love them anymore than I did today. It's moments like these that again, I am thankful for diabetes. I know that sounds crazy but it's true. With diabetes, I can stick around with my girls and my favorite guy and enjoy my life. I can sing silly songs to the girls each night and snuggle with them under their covers until their eyes get droopy with sleep. I can kiss their boo-boos and hug them tight when they fall down and get hurt. I can make their favorite cookie dough and let them eat it out of the mixing bowl. I can read them their favorite stories day after day and never once get tired of doing it. Yes. This year there is much to be thankful for. It's nice to have a reminder of what I still get to do. And I'm so grateful for it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

It's a Shutterfly Christmas....

Okay, so most of you know that I LOVE pictures. Not like. LOVE. I would be embarrassed if I had to walk through our house at this very minute and count how many pictures and frames I have. It's obscene. Some of my favorite gifts given to me are of! Just to give you a glimpse of this I have posted a few pictures below of the inside of our house.
In our family room.

The wall leading up the stairs.

With Christmas a mere 36 days away, I'm already thinking of what gifts to give. My absolute favorite gifts come from one of my favorite photo stores. Shutterfly! I have been using their website for years. 8 years to be exact. So what kind of gifts do I like to buy? Glad you asked!

This is a photo book we made one year for Father's Day for Doug. It is so darn precious! I am a huge scrapbooker but this particular year I went from one to two kids and did not get much scrapbooking done. I wanted something for Doug that he could take to work and keep on his desk. This book was perfect! We made it mostly with pictures of around the time Hadley was born. It turned out really nicely! The girls still love to check it out and read it like a story book. To make one all your own go to:

This is another fun gift we've made. This one in particular was given to Doug many moons ago after Hadley was born. We've made mugs before for others and you can get hot chocolate or a gift card to Starbucks. Delaney has made many of these for teachers as end of the year gifts.

This is my all time favorite gift to give! We make these every single year for ourselves and usually the grandparents. We pick out our favorite pictures from the past year and organize them into beautiful calendars. The girls are so cute about helping me pick out their favorite pictures (sometimes I disagree with them). I was looking through old calendars just the other day marveling at how much our kids have grown up over the years. To create your own calendar go to:

Something else I've been pondering since the Christmas season is upon us (36 days people), is what kind of Christmas card are we going to do. Some years I dress the girls in their cute Christmas attire and make them model and pose for me. Some years I just weed through our pictures of the year gone by and pick a few favorites. My favorite Christmas card is the photo Christmas card. They are easy, cute and simple. I like the simple part the most because I get tired of writing every single card with the exact same thing scrawled out at the bottom. My hand appreciates it too! The hard part will be choosing which one to use. There are so many cute choices! Maybe I will let the girls choose. Yes, that's exactly what I will do. To create your photo cards go to:

Shutterfly is offering 50 free Christmas cards to bloggers that sign up at:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Slugs & Scratches

I found Delaney and Hadley in the garden. With shovels. Next thing I know I'm being summoned to the back yard to look at the "snail" Delaney found. Which wasn't a snail at all but actually a slug. Ewww! I cut my eyes to Delaney and informed her of what she was holding in her hand. What I wanted to do was slap her hand down and knock the creature to the ground but I didn't. Delaney is a lover of all creatures, slimy or otherwise. After discussing the situation with her, we agreed that "Sluggie" needed a bowl with dirt and she would carry him in the bowl. And upon reentering the house, we would scrub her from head to toe to kill off any slug germs. Several hours pass and I'm getting Delaney ready for bed.

Me: How was Sluggie when you left him?

D: Sluggie wasn't doing good. He stopped moving. He was suffering. I didn't want him to suffer anymore.

Me: What happened?

D: I squished him so he could be happy and go to heaven to see God.

Me: Really? Wow (I'm pretty much stunned).

D: He'll be much happier now.

Note to self: Delaney is going to end world slug at a time.

It's late afternoon and I'm on the computer checking my email. The girls are playing in Delaney's room. It's peaceful. It's calm. This makes me happy. Suddenly, I hear a bloody murder scream which I only hear when someone has injured herself. Before I can even get up and make my way down the hall, in comes one screaming kid and her big sister who is attempting to talk over the screaming.

Me: What happened?

D: Well, she scratched my back.

H: My head huuuuuuurts! Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.....

D: And I scratched her on the back too! She started it! (Her lip is quivering and I can see fresh sobs about to break through at any minute).

Me: Delaney, she's holding her head. Did you hit her on the head?


D: (Pauses, clearly thinking it through). Yes. But she scratched my back and it hurt really bad.

Me: Delaney go to your room. We do not hit our sister and we certainly do NOT lie.

H: My head hurts momma!

Me: Did you scratch your sister on the back?

H: Yes.

Me: Why?

H: I wanted to.

Me: You go to your room too. We do not hit our sister.


Me: Yes Hadley. Go sit in your room and I'll come get you when it's time to come out.

While both girls were sobbing in their rooms, I took advantage of the quiet downstairs and started dinner. Smirking all the while because life can be so funny sometimes. I love that Delaney finally has had enough of being a doormat and decided to fight back. I love that Hadley just got plain annoyed with her big sister and decided to retaliate. I guess this is the stage we have reached. To drive home my point, I subtracted one marble from each girl's jar.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

D's Birthday Sleepover

iCarly Cupcakes

Delaney's Birthday Banner

Goodie Bags (which Doug would like to see be phased out as he thinks it's completely ridiculous but I won't be the one to stop it).

The Mob (Delaney, MacKenzie, Lizzie, Nathalie & Hadley)

They really get into this! Although Hadley looks like she's modeling not doing silly faces.

This year Delaney opted for a slumber party and a big gift. An iPod touch to be exact. Yes. I'm not even kidding. She has been begging, pleading, whining, and pouting for an iPod touch. I told her this year that if she really wanted one, no big party. I refuse to spend $300 on a party and then buy a $200 present. I told Delaney that in case she hadn't heard of such a thing, the country is in what I like to call a recession and that includes this house. So either a big fancy party or a big fancy gift. Obviously, big fancy gift won out. And I'm not sure it was such a bad idea really. The slumber party was a huge hit. The girls all seemed to have such a great time together. We did pizza & cake, painted picture frames, made beaded bracelets, popped popcorn & watched Toy Story 3 and of course trashed the entire upstairs by dragging out every single toy we own and rearranging the play room. We drug Delaney's mattress out of her room and deposited it on the play room floor along with the queen sized mattress from our guest bed. All the girls slept on a mattress so we didn't even have to make them sleep on the floor. That's the real treat in my opinion! The most amazing part, they were all sound asleep by 10:45. They were also wide freaking awake at 6:30 a.m. With the damn chickens....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Barbie Swim School

What do you do to keep your little sister from playing with your brand new Barbie Swim School? Tell her one of the dogs pooped in the pool and post a "closed" sign on the bathroom door until further notice. I wish I were kidding....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To my sweet firstborn daughter as you turn 6....

Dear Delaney,

I find myself at a loss this year. What can I say? I never expected the first six years of your life to have gone by so quickly. I say this because I never used to believe this. It seemed like a statement that "older" people were always making. But now I am faced with the harsh truth, time is going too quickly and I can't stand it. It makes my heart ache to think of you turning six today. You are such a joy in our lives. My sweet firstborn daughter. My people pleaser. My brown noser. My best friend. My pain in the neck. My funny girl. My pet lover. My bossy know-it-all girl. My little cookie dough lover. My little helper. My story teller. My drama queen.

This past year was a big year for you. You went from being in preschool to Kindergarten with the big kids. At first you did NOT want to ride the school bus and now you are begging me relentlessly to ride it even though I keep telling you "no" and that "Mommy's not ready." You went from reading sight words in preschool to full fledged reading over the summer. You now read one book to mommy and/or daddy every night before you go to sleep. It's mind boggling is what it is. To watch you read is a joy to me. I LOVE to read. I read all the time as you know. I love that you also seem to have a love of books. Sometimes I'm amazed at how much alike we seem to be.

Something I hope and will always pray for is that we remain as close as we are today throughout the years. There will come a time where we will not see eye-to-eye and of course will disagree. There will come a time when you will stop needing me to kiss your boo-boos. Just know, my arms will always be here to comfort you.

All my love,