Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tellus Museum in Cartersville

Delaney's eyes rolled into the back of her head when she laid eyes on this exhibit. "Oh. My. Gosh." I'm pretty sure those were her exact words.

Hadley brushing up on her magnification of the fish. No kidding, those fish were small. There was also a small wooden paddle attached to the same rope as the magnifying glass. Hadley asked if she could hit the bowl. I told her that we use the paddles for naughty kids.

Hadley uncovering fossils and dinosaur bones. Was so stinking cute with her little brush!

My little genius here uncovering her fossils as well. Delaney completely dazzled the guy manning the exhibit with her dinosaur and fossil knowledge. I was completely floored. "Where did you learn this? School?" Yeah right! "Mommy, I told you already (insert eye roll and sigh). Dinosaur Train!" And who says kids learn nothing watching TV? We are living proof of this so-called myth.

Astronaut Katie Alexander reporting for duty. Yes. I am a dork. And the one thought I was having while I stuck my head inside this photo prop was....who else has had their head in here?

Yes. We should be ashamed but we're so not. This is why I married this man! We rule :)

The three people sitting far away giving me dirty looks? That is my family. And really, I was just trying to get a picture with the dinosaur. Isn't it awesome? I thought so too.

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Sarah said...

My friend's little girl went there today and we were just talking about it. I haven't taken my kids yet but it looks like a lot of fun. We love Dinosaur Train too-really we like anything on PBS!