Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Student of the week

Yes..our little Einstein here is student of the week. When recently interviewed, here is what our little star had to say:

I am a star because...."I can jump in the pool and do a cannonball!"

Favorite colors: Red and pink

Favorite animals: Lions and tigers (I am quite shocked horses did not make this list).

Favorite food: Cheetos and cookie dough ice cream (I take all the credit for the ice cream).

Favorite book: Lion King

Favorite sport: Tennis

Favorite thing to do in school: Music and free play

Favorite thing to do at home: Play outside and fly my kite

I show others I care by...."Saying nice things to other kids, sharing toys and giving toys to kids who don't have any."

3 super-cool facts about yourself:

1. "I love gymnastics! I go to gymnastics class every Saturday!"

2. "I love to have sleepovers! I had my first one at my house this past summer."

3. "My best friend is MacKenzie."

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