Sunday, October 10, 2010

In which I got my walking shoes on again

I LOVE to walk. I used to walk everyday up to 4 miles per day. Even after Delaney was born. Even after Hadley was born. Sometime a year or so ago the walks became more about getting the kids out of the house than actually burning any calories. And let's not forget the summer and this godforsaken heat here. On days when it gets up to 95 degrees and you're soaking wet just going from your front door to the mailbox, who the hell wants to go for a walk? So what I'm saying is, I haven't been walking much this year. I need to walk. I want to walk. My doctors have emphasized how important it is for me to get my walking shoes on again. I know all this. But sometimes it's really hard to carve time out of my day to stop and go for a walk. I need a real walk where I'm sweating and can feel the burn in my legs. Not the walk where I'm yelling at the girls to go faster or keep up! Or get out of the neighbors' flower beds! For Pete's sake....

I told Doug that on Saturdays and Sundays after work I'm going to start stopping by a local park and walking 2-3 miles. Eventually I would like to get back into running but for now, I am will be happy just to go for a walk. A fast walk. I have to learn to put myself back on the schedule. I cannot keep using the girls as an excuse not to do things that I love. I am important too and there's no reason I need to race home every Saturday and Sunday after work. The girls are fine. Doug is fine. It's time.

Yesterday after work, I changed clothes and drove the Honda over to Swift Cantrell Park. For those of you that have no idea what I'm talking about, Swift Cantrell is one of the nicest parks ever built complete with two playgrounds, two fenced-in dog parks, a one-mile track all the way around the park, picnic areas, etc. Doug and I take the girls there from time to time and they LOVE it as well. I park, fire up the iPod, slip my car key into my shoe and hit the trails. At first it feels weird. Yes. It's weird because I am all alone. No one distracting me. I am actually walking at a break-necking pace and it feels so flipping good. My legs are quite surprising me with how fast they are going. I am even getting the itch to start running. It's like my legs are excited and want to show off a bit. But I rein them in because I know I'm not ready to start running again yet. I need to take baby steps. Oh, but the temptation is hard. I walk two whole miles. I contemplate a third one and decide not to. Again, I'm taking it slow. I'm sweaty. I'm thirsty. I'm happy. Yes, life is good.

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Sarah said...

I love that park and wish it was closer to us. Maybe one day we can meet up and let our kids play together there! I have been having a hard time trying to find "me" time just to go running. I told Rob maybe we need to invest in a treadmill so I can start running again.