Monday, October 18, 2010

Carlton Farm

Thanks to a new friend of mine that I made through a committee at Delaney's school, we packed up the kiddos this past Saturday and headed over to Carlton Farms in Rockmart. Each fall we have to visit a farm and do the whole pumpkin patch/farm animal/corn maze thing. I was on the hunt for a new place and one that was located closer to our home that ones we have visited in the past. Hadley had been pestering me for a few weeks that she wanted to go to a "pumpkin catch."

This place was awesome! It had a corn maze, hayride with cow feeding, farm animal feeding in the barn, duck racing, slide, hay maze and last but not least, a pumpkin patch. Oh, sorry Hadley, catch! The girls found all the kittens on this particular farm fascinating. Delaney was literally running after them and scooping them up like her babies. She has not let us forget for one minute that this December (one year since poor Joey died) that we have to get a new kitten. So imagine her delight at all the kittens she was finding! Hadley was more fascinated by the baby chicks in the barn she saw. The kid drained all the quarters out of my wallet so she could buy corn mix for the beloved creatures. She tried feeding the goats and a lone pig but after getting nipped by the pig and pumping her fist in the air and screaming about the injustice of it all, she decided to stick with the chicks. Oh, and Delaney wants me to make sure you all know that she got pecked on the hand by a grown chicken. And it hurt reeeeeaaaallllly bad! Really. I informed Delaney that she should really keep her fingers away from the chickens while they're hunting for food. But not my little veterinarian. Oh no. She had to try and physically touch every single animal in the barn. Except for Hadley's pig. I'm pretty sure she didn't try to touch that one.

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Sarah said...

It looks like you had a great time. This is my favorite time of year-there are so many fun things to do!