Sunday, September 19, 2010

From the peanut gallery....

Doug has taken the girls for a quick trip to Lowe's. The girls are excited because they have all their Halloween decor out. So of course, they stop to touch EVERYTHING and check it all out. Afterwards, as they're wandering around the store, they pass by the toilet section where Delaney is mesmerized by all the toilets they have. Later on as they're getting ready to leave, Delaney needs to use the bathroom.

Doug: Let's go look for the bathroom.

Delaney: We don't need to Daddy! Remember all the toilets over there? We can just use one of those.

Hadley is in the playroom playing Ms. Pacman. She's getting better at it but she still has trouble maneuvering around corners and there always seems to be a ghost lurking in the corners waiting to pounce on her. Which is of course what happens. I happen to be sitting at the computer a few feet away checking my email when I hear:

"Ohhhhh! Dammit!"

Did she just say what I think she said?

Me: Hadley, we do NOT use that word. Do you understand?

Hadley: But momma, Blinky killed Ms. Pacman!

Me: I don't care. We do NOT use that word for any reason. Okay?

Hadley: (Sighs and if she knew how, I'm sure an eye roll would have happened too) Yes Momma.

It's amazing how they pick up on the bad words and even know the correct context to use them in.

It's the end of Hadley's gymnastics class. They get to play in the foam pit for the last 5 minutes of every class. Today, they've all banded together to create a huge pyramid with the foam blocks. In the end, they end up throwing them around on the trampoline. Ms. Beth announces that they need to clean up as it's time to go get stamps and go home. Every child is nicely picking up the blocks and putting them away. Every child except mine.

Hadley: Oh man! I don't want to clean up Ms. Beth!

Ms. Beth: Cleaning up is no fun, I know. But you have to.

I think out of the 30 blocks scattered all over the place, Hadley may have picked up one, possibly two. Way to help out Hadley!

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