Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Carter & Delaney = Cousins = Rivalry

Delaney is literally hopping out of her skin. We are in route to Nana's house for Labor Day weekend and she cannot wait to see her cousin, Carter. She absolutely LOVES him. What's so ironic is the fact that she worships him all the while they bicker back and forth. A LOT.

Typical Delaney behavior = whining, second cousin syndrome (not quite as fast as older cousin therefore gets completely frustrated when he wins a race, or can do something better or longer), complete diva meltdowns, and last but not least, bossy.

Typical Carter behavior = teasing (completely 100% boy), bossy older cousin who feels that because he's older he should run the show no questions asked, and goofy.

Here are some of the things I caught myself saying throughout the weekend:

"Delaney and Carter, please do NOT climb up the slide. Hadley is trying to come down. Fine. When she comes down and you go flying off, I don't want to hear about it."

"Delaney and Carter, do NOT touch the sap on the trees. It's sticky. If you touch it, it will make your hands sticky. Yes, it's gross."

"Delaney and Carter, if you can't be nice to each other, then we won't visit anymore."

"Delaney and Carter, you need to agree on a movie that you both like. If you can't agree, I'll just shut off the TV altogether. Hadley will watch TV with Nana. No, I won't punish Hadley because the two of you can't agree."

"Delaney and Carter, stop wrestling!!! Because someone is going to get hurt! Fine. You may wrestle but I do NOT want to hear any complaining if one or both of you gets hurt. I mean it Delaney."

"Delaney, I told you NOT to wrestle and you didn't listen. This is what happens when you play too rough. No. More. Wrestling. Okay?"

"Delaney, we have to go now. Honey, why are you crying? I know you love Carter but we have to go. We did spend two days here just like I said we would. Maybe next time Carter can come visit us at our house."

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