Monday, August 9, 2010

The Sick-O Ward

Things here lately have really sucked. It all started last Monday. With Doug. He started coming down with a cold. I mean no offense by this next comment but it must be said. Men suck at being sick. Downright babies if you want the truth. Delaney and Hadley do sick better than Doug. So the minute he starts getting the sniffles, I'm already doing the sighing and eye rolling. In my mind I'm going to be doing all the bathing, putting to bed, entertaining, etc. until he feels better.

Two days later, I'm feeling like this could be more than your average cold. Doug is complaining that his ears are on fire and he can't swallow a thing without begging for the fire extinguisher. He's also complaining that his calves are killing him but I'm again doing the eye roll because that symptom just seems absurd. I gently prod that he should visit his doctor to find out what disease he's exposing the rest of us to. So finally, on Wednesday afternoon, he sucks it up and makes a trip in to see the 'ole doctor. He comes home 3 hours later armed with a dozen different medicines and antibiotics. But the best part is....the steroid shot he got in his ass. Which is making him limp around like he twisted his ankle. Turns out he has a severe sinus infection and strep throat. Yeesh! Don't I feel a little bitchy for accusing him a being a total wimp.

It's now Thursday morning and I've awoken with that scratchy in the back of your throat feeling. Oh. No. I know what's coming. Doug's damn cold. It's infecting me now. UUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! I go on with my day and it gets worse as the day goes along. Friday comes and goes and yes, I'm really starting to feel like total absolute walking shit. Saturday morning comes and it's time for work. I can hardly get myself out of bed. I feel that badly. And damn if my calves aren't feeling like lead weights. This must be what Doug was referring to. I suck it up and go to work anyway. I come home to an empty house later on in the day. Thank the Lord! I go upstairs and completely just crash for two whole heavenly hours. I wake up feeling like I just got run down by a dump truck. Sunday comes around and I feel exactly as I did Saturday. Yet, I still get up and make it into work. On my way home I decide to swing by Walgreens and visit The Minute Clinic. After seeing the nurse practitioner it turns out I also have a severe sinus infection. She loads me up with antibiotics and a steroid nasal spray and I'm off.

It is now Monday evening and I'm finally starting to feel a little bit better. This has been one of the worst sinus infections I've ever had. For real. I feel bad for the girls who've had to entertain themselves a whole lot lately just so I can lay on the couch and relax my lead legs. This morning though, as I was feeling shitty once again, Hadley walked up to me with these fake gross teeth we acquired around Halloween last year. Must have been buried in the dress up trunk. Seeing her like this totally lifted my spirits and gave me my first good laugh in days. Kids really do know when to intervene.

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