Thursday, July 29, 2010

Poole's Mill Park

Yesterday, we were introduced to a place called Poole's Mill Park in Ball Ground. Delaney started foaming at the mouth as soon as she heard the words swimming and slides. My good friend, KC, who lives in Ball Ground, took us to this park. After spending a few hours there I lectured her on how I could not believe she had such an awesome park mere miles from her house and she had never told us about it before. Shame, shame I tell you! In all seriousness, it was so much fun. Delaney and Charli had the most fun. I'm not sure their mothers were as excited as they were. They were kind of in a big kid area and while Delaney is much better at swimming this summer, I still have fear in my heart that Jaws is going to rear his ugly head out of the water and take her down. And of course she kept begging and pleading with me to let her go down the other "little" slide which led out to a deeper part of the creek and there's no way in hell she's doing that. Oh helllllll no. So I had to watch her like a hawk. And she survived (of course). Meanwhile, KC and I were juggling Jasper and Hadley who had no desire to slide at all and just hopped from one sharp rock to another. At one point as I was trying to take pictures of the big girls while holding Hadley's hand, I almost went down like a sack of potatoes right there in the creek. I momentarily lost a flip-flop and almost twisted my ankle because you can't flipping see the sharp rocks waiting for you down below. After swearing a little, and asking Hadley to please take a break from her little game of hop-rocks, I sat down and treated myself to a juice box that I'm pretty sure KC gave to Hadley. Hadley was appalled by this and gave me a stern lecture, "Momma, you drank all of my juice box!" Poor kid. Her momma is so darn mean.

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