Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Never go where they advertise free stuff

So my plan for today was to take the girls to the Children's Museum. Doug sent me a list of "free" fun things to do in the summer in Atlanta. In my mind, free = crowded. Every second Tuesday of the month, Target is sponsoring free admission to the Children's Museum starting at 1 p.m. I had heard that the lines tend to be long so plan on coming a little later. The girls and I roll through at 2:30. The line is going up the hill and wrapped around the block. Oh hell no. I am NOT standing in line for 2-3 hours just to get in free to a museum that we've been to 3-4 times already. Plus it's like 90 degrees. No. Way. But I also didn't really have a back-up plan because the only other things in proximity are the Georgia Aquarium (which we did 2 weeks ago) and The World of Coca-Cola (which the girls didn't give a hoot about). But across the street lies Centennial Olympic Park. The minute we drove by the girls' radar picked it up and they instantly forgot about the museum. So that's just what we did. We hit the two playgrounds in front first and spent about 45 minutes playing. The girls were dripping sweat from head to toe and Hadley was really starting to demand her Spongebob sippy cup that her mother left in the car! So we hit up the cafe where they advertise "cool treat & drinks." The girls each had a giant ice cream sandwich while I slurped on a heavenly lemonade icee. Full of sugar and drink, we head back over to Centennial Park and walk straight to the water fountains. The girls were THRILLED. Of course I did not pack a single bathing suit or towel but that didn't stop me from sending them straight into the water. They really had a great time. I even caught myself getting closer and closer to the water hoping to get some mist off of them because it was so damn hot. I was melting out there. It was worth it though because it really saved our little excursion. Later on, the girls and I walked back to the parking garage. The girls were happy and tired and really wet. They stripped off down to their underwear and got in the car. I did pack extra underwear in the car for Hadley because you never know when a bad situation with her potty training will strike. Poor Delaney had to ride all the way home in her wet undies. It's a sacrifice she was willing to make.

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Sarah said...

I have wanted to try the free day at the children's museum but after hearing about your experience I think I will avoid it!