Monday, July 26, 2010

My bestie....

We all have one. A best friend. Well actually, I have two. I consider, Doug, my all out number one best friend. Duh. How can I not? But this post isn't about him. This one is about my best friend, Rhonda. We have been friends for 10 years. We became fast friends too. You know, some friendships are just like that. I have always been one to have girlfriends. I am also one of these women who like to spend time with my girlfriends. I feel it is very important. It's as important as having date nights with your hubby. There's just something about spending time with your girlfriends that lifts your spirits and recharges your soul. You feel better. Aaaaahhhh. Just like that.

This past weekend Rhonda turned the big 4-0. Yep. My opinion, 40 is truly the new 30. Rhonda has never looked better (consensus of me and Doug). So Rhonda's hubby Mike threw her a surprise party. It was fun. Drinking, eating, presents, pool, ping-pong playing, video game playing, the endless cake/cupcake eating ( I had 1 cupcake, 2 pieces of the most delicious chocolate cake I have ever had the pleasure of eating in my entire life), and mostly just chatting and catching up with old friends. It was fun. It was worth taking off of work. The expression on her face when she saw I came was totally worth it.

If you're reading this Rhonda Lou, I love you and hope you had a wonderful birthday! You are a constant in my life and I appreciate you always being there for me and staying true. I look forward to being old bitties together, sitting on a porch somewhere with cats in our laps, drinking wine and chatting up old times.

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Carmen said...

Wow!!!! I remember Rhonda from your Halloween parties, and you're right; she has never looked better. I wanna look like that at 40!!!