Friday, July 16, 2010

The golden rule is....

....that if Daddy is out of town, the kid(s) will be sick. This is how my day Thursday started.

3 a.m. Delaney wakes me out of a dead sleep to tell me she has had a bad dream. I sigh because I'm such an effing grouch when awakened so abruptly and throw the covers back. I take her to the bathroom so she can pee and we head back to her room. She starts crying telling me her head really hurts. I pad downstairs to retrieve the Motrin. After giving her a dose I rub her back and kiss her good-night.

3:15 a.m. Delaney comes back into my room and starts whimpering that her stomach hurts. Just as I've thrown the covers off of me, she barfs all over me. Yuck! And just because thinking it makes me feel better, I utter an f-bomb in my mind. I rush her into my bathroom where she makes it to the toilet in time to barf again. She looks up at me when finished and there is barf stuck in her hair and dripping down onto her nightgown. I turn on the shower and she hops in crying that she feels so miserable. I lather up her hair and scrub her down. I wrap her in a towel and rub her back. She puts on her nightgown and goes back to bed. Now that she's vomited she feels much better and tiredness sets back in. I on the other hand, won't be heading off to bed any time soon. I take the sheets off of the bed. I wrestle the damn mattress cover off. It's not just your typical mattress cover but a dust mite cover and I end up taking the stupid mattress off of the bed so I can yank the cover off. I notice that the vomit has made it's way to the inside of the side board of the bed so now I get to take the box springs out as well so I can scrub it down too. I go into the bathroom and wipe down the toilet and counters where there could possibly be some lingering germs. Lord knows I do NOT want to get this. I especially don't want Hadley to get it either.

4:05 a.m. I email my preschool playgroup to let them know we will not be attending our playgroup in a few short hours. Why would I even worry about this? Oh yes, because I was the organizer of this particular event and it would look strange if the organizer herself just blew off good times at the bouncy house. I also email Doug because I am lonely and missing him terribly at this moment. Makes me thankful I am not single mom.

5:30 a.m. Hadley awakens me for a trip to the bathroom. She has to pee and is not confident enough herself to go it alone. I am really tired and loopy at this point. I take her to the bathroom and put her back to bed.

6:50 a.m. Delaney is back in my room asking if she can sleep in my bed. I shove over and prop her up on some pillows. She is whimpering that her tummy hurts again. Oh no. I coax her into another trip to the bathroom and she obliges all the while crying. She vomits again and we go downstairs to retire her to the couch. I put on cartoons and head into the kitchen to make some coffee. Lord knows how badly I will need it today.

9:00 a.m. Delaney is back in the bathroom again. It's like a scene out of the Exorcist. Aside from small sips of water, the kid has had nothing since dinner last night. Doesn't seem to stop her body from rejecting the small amounts of water. Poor girl. She is miserable. She is so tired yet her body is constantly twitching and she is unable to be still.

Over the next 8 hours these are the movies we watch:

Beauty & the Beast
The Little Mermaid
Alvin & the Chipmunks
Sleeping Beauty

5:30 p.m. Delaney has been alternating between the couch and a cozy spot on the floor which is made up of her sleeping bag, pillows and stuffed animals. 10 minutes prior she had been sick one last time. She is now passed out with her mouth hanging open, drool covering her pillow. I scoop her up and take her upstairs to her room. I give her a dose of Tylenol and tuck her into bed. She passes out.

And thankfully.....aside from a few trip to the bathroom with Hadley last night, everyone slept and no barfing. I don't know what our future holds because Hadley has not been eating as much as usual and she's complained a few times that her tummy hurts. But Doug will be home later today and Delaney is feeling better so that's something to feel good about.

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Sarah said...

I hate it when the boys get sick. Spencer got sick and threw up for the first time about a year ago. Rob was working and I had nothing in my house for him so I had to call my mom to come and bring sprite and saltines. I hope nobody else gets it.