Sunday, July 11, 2010


Oh, hello there! What's that? Yes, I've been slacking lately in the blogging department. Not by choice of course. It's been busy. Real busy. First there was the family vacation to Tennessee (which I have not yet discussed in any detail). I was nice enough to post pictures of this vacation. And what a wonderful vacation it turned out to be. Two days after returning home from Tennessee, I packed up the girls and we headed down to Columbus to visit Nana & Papa. We spent a busy 2 days there enjoying their pool, playing with cousin Carter and taking a trip up to Callaway Gardens. We returned home again to be busy with the normal summer activities. I've been so exhausted. We need to simmer down a little. Or a lot. It's the weekend again so off to work I go. Sometimes work seems like a nice break. Sad isn't it? Sad that I have to go to work to get a little peace.

Yesterday, after I finished eating lunch I called to check in on the family. They had gone to a neighbor's birthday party and I was curious to see how it went.

Me: Hey! How's it going?

Doug: Okay (sighs very loudly).

Me: What's wrong? Are the girls behaving?

Doug: They're fine. I'm just so sick and tired of this house.

Me: What's going on with the house?

Doug: I came home from the party and it's 83 degrees upstairs. I am just sick and tired of nothing working around here. Being a homeowner sucks. It's overrated.

Me: (mind you I can't lose my shit at the same time he's losing his) Sorry dear. I know it sucks but there are worse things than having to fix the a/c. At least we have a house of our own. We have healthy girls. We're okay. Everyone has to put up with crap like this. Not just us. Things will work out.

So I come home around 2:30 and it's about 84 degrees upstairs. It's like taking steps up to hell to put it nicely. It's effing hot. I mutter a few swear words and change clothes. Miraculously, Delaney is playing the computer in the playroom and I swear it feels like 90 in there and I don't know how she's coping. I decide the girls need to play in the water so maybe they won't notice the heat so much. They put on their bathing suits and I lather them up with sunscreen. I scrub out their inflatable pool and fill it up with fresh water. They happily play and squeal with delight for about an hour. They get out of the pool and play in the backyard for another 2 hours. In the passing of time, the upstairs is now a balmy 86 degrees. Oh, something I forgot to mention, Doug is going out of town so I'm also doing laundry for him so he'll have clean clothes to take with him. And yes you guessed it, our laundry room is upstairs in hell.

Fast forward 2 hours and it's bath time & bed time. The girls shower together. I keep the water cooler than normal hoping it will give them a chill. They put on their pajamas and crawl into bed. I point their fans on them and try to explain that they may want to try sleeping without covers. Delaney agrees. Hadley does not. She wants both blankets. It's hard to negotiate with a 3 year old. I say a prayer in my mind that they will fall asleep quickly and the heat will not bother them too much.

12:30 a.m. Hadley is crying because she needs to use the bathroom. I'm a little out of it thanks to the Benadryl I took before falling asleep. I help her in the bathroom and take her back to her room. I glance at the thermostat and it's 88 degrees. Fuuuck! Can we catch a break? I mean I'm tempted at this point to make the kids sleep in a tent in the backyard where I know it has to be cooler. This sucks.

3:37 a.m. Delaney is poking my arm gently trying to wake me up. "Momma, my leg and arm are itching really bad. Can you put some cream on them so I can sleep better?" Sigh. I'm exhausted. I'm really hot. But it's not her fault so I haul my ass out of bed and we go down the hall to get the Aveeno cream out for her bug bites (that she got because she spent 3 hours in the backyard thanks to the a/c). Just saying. I notice that Doug has never come to bed and Hadley's door is open and her bed is empty. I slather some cream on all found bug bites and ask Delaney if she wants to sleep in my bed. Her room feels 10 degrees warmer than mine and my fan is much more powerful than hers. She agrees and runs off to fetch her pillows (because everyone knows you sleep better with your own). She crawls in beside me and we kick off any offending covers that dare cross our bodies. She's still itching and the bed keeps moving slightly as she scratches away. I get up and pad downstairs to find the Benadryl. While I'm downstairs I notice two lumpy bodies on the couch dozing peacefully. Lucky shits. Back upstairs, after sipping on her Benadryl, Delaney is trying to doze back to sleep. I reach over and rub her head and smooth her hair back. After a few minutes, we're both sound asleep.

7:45 a.m. The a/c repairman calls to let me know he's on his way. The first thought in my head is to shout "I love you" to a stranger. In that moment, I really do.

9:30 a.m. Doug texts me the total for the a/c repairs. Wait for it.....$554. KABOOM! The good news in all this is, we found a new company for our a/c needs which we like a whole lot more than who we were using. They can even fix our existing equipment which still has a few good years left in it. Wahooooo!

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