Thursday, July 29, 2010

Poole's Mill Park

Yesterday, we were introduced to a place called Poole's Mill Park in Ball Ground. Delaney started foaming at the mouth as soon as she heard the words swimming and slides. My good friend, KC, who lives in Ball Ground, took us to this park. After spending a few hours there I lectured her on how I could not believe she had such an awesome park mere miles from her house and she had never told us about it before. Shame, shame I tell you! In all seriousness, it was so much fun. Delaney and Charli had the most fun. I'm not sure their mothers were as excited as they were. They were kind of in a big kid area and while Delaney is much better at swimming this summer, I still have fear in my heart that Jaws is going to rear his ugly head out of the water and take her down. And of course she kept begging and pleading with me to let her go down the other "little" slide which led out to a deeper part of the creek and there's no way in hell she's doing that. Oh helllllll no. So I had to watch her like a hawk. And she survived (of course). Meanwhile, KC and I were juggling Jasper and Hadley who had no desire to slide at all and just hopped from one sharp rock to another. At one point as I was trying to take pictures of the big girls while holding Hadley's hand, I almost went down like a sack of potatoes right there in the creek. I momentarily lost a flip-flop and almost twisted my ankle because you can't flipping see the sharp rocks waiting for you down below. After swearing a little, and asking Hadley to please take a break from her little game of hop-rocks, I sat down and treated myself to a juice box that I'm pretty sure KC gave to Hadley. Hadley was appalled by this and gave me a stern lecture, "Momma, you drank all of my juice box!" Poor kid. Her momma is so darn mean.

Monday, July 26, 2010

My bestie....

We all have one. A best friend. Well actually, I have two. I consider, Doug, my all out number one best friend. Duh. How can I not? But this post isn't about him. This one is about my best friend, Rhonda. We have been friends for 10 years. We became fast friends too. You know, some friendships are just like that. I have always been one to have girlfriends. I am also one of these women who like to spend time with my girlfriends. I feel it is very important. It's as important as having date nights with your hubby. There's just something about spending time with your girlfriends that lifts your spirits and recharges your soul. You feel better. Aaaaahhhh. Just like that.

This past weekend Rhonda turned the big 4-0. Yep. My opinion, 40 is truly the new 30. Rhonda has never looked better (consensus of me and Doug). So Rhonda's hubby Mike threw her a surprise party. It was fun. Drinking, eating, presents, pool, ping-pong playing, video game playing, the endless cake/cupcake eating ( I had 1 cupcake, 2 pieces of the most delicious chocolate cake I have ever had the pleasure of eating in my entire life), and mostly just chatting and catching up with old friends. It was fun. It was worth taking off of work. The expression on her face when she saw I came was totally worth it.

If you're reading this Rhonda Lou, I love you and hope you had a wonderful birthday! You are a constant in my life and I appreciate you always being there for me and staying true. I look forward to being old bitties together, sitting on a porch somewhere with cats in our laps, drinking wine and chatting up old times.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The golden rule is....

....that if Daddy is out of town, the kid(s) will be sick. This is how my day Thursday started.

3 a.m. Delaney wakes me out of a dead sleep to tell me she has had a bad dream. I sigh because I'm such an effing grouch when awakened so abruptly and throw the covers back. I take her to the bathroom so she can pee and we head back to her room. She starts crying telling me her head really hurts. I pad downstairs to retrieve the Motrin. After giving her a dose I rub her back and kiss her good-night.

3:15 a.m. Delaney comes back into my room and starts whimpering that her stomach hurts. Just as I've thrown the covers off of me, she barfs all over me. Yuck! And just because thinking it makes me feel better, I utter an f-bomb in my mind. I rush her into my bathroom where she makes it to the toilet in time to barf again. She looks up at me when finished and there is barf stuck in her hair and dripping down onto her nightgown. I turn on the shower and she hops in crying that she feels so miserable. I lather up her hair and scrub her down. I wrap her in a towel and rub her back. She puts on her nightgown and goes back to bed. Now that she's vomited she feels much better and tiredness sets back in. I on the other hand, won't be heading off to bed any time soon. I take the sheets off of the bed. I wrestle the damn mattress cover off. It's not just your typical mattress cover but a dust mite cover and I end up taking the stupid mattress off of the bed so I can yank the cover off. I notice that the vomit has made it's way to the inside of the side board of the bed so now I get to take the box springs out as well so I can scrub it down too. I go into the bathroom and wipe down the toilet and counters where there could possibly be some lingering germs. Lord knows I do NOT want to get this. I especially don't want Hadley to get it either.

4:05 a.m. I email my preschool playgroup to let them know we will not be attending our playgroup in a few short hours. Why would I even worry about this? Oh yes, because I was the organizer of this particular event and it would look strange if the organizer herself just blew off good times at the bouncy house. I also email Doug because I am lonely and missing him terribly at this moment. Makes me thankful I am not single mom.

5:30 a.m. Hadley awakens me for a trip to the bathroom. She has to pee and is not confident enough herself to go it alone. I am really tired and loopy at this point. I take her to the bathroom and put her back to bed.

6:50 a.m. Delaney is back in my room asking if she can sleep in my bed. I shove over and prop her up on some pillows. She is whimpering that her tummy hurts again. Oh no. I coax her into another trip to the bathroom and she obliges all the while crying. She vomits again and we go downstairs to retire her to the couch. I put on cartoons and head into the kitchen to make some coffee. Lord knows how badly I will need it today.

9:00 a.m. Delaney is back in the bathroom again. It's like a scene out of the Exorcist. Aside from small sips of water, the kid has had nothing since dinner last night. Doesn't seem to stop her body from rejecting the small amounts of water. Poor girl. She is miserable. She is so tired yet her body is constantly twitching and she is unable to be still.

Over the next 8 hours these are the movies we watch:

Beauty & the Beast
The Little Mermaid
Alvin & the Chipmunks
Sleeping Beauty

5:30 p.m. Delaney has been alternating between the couch and a cozy spot on the floor which is made up of her sleeping bag, pillows and stuffed animals. 10 minutes prior she had been sick one last time. She is now passed out with her mouth hanging open, drool covering her pillow. I scoop her up and take her upstairs to her room. I give her a dose of Tylenol and tuck her into bed. She passes out.

And thankfully.....aside from a few trip to the bathroom with Hadley last night, everyone slept and no barfing. I don't know what our future holds because Hadley has not been eating as much as usual and she's complained a few times that her tummy hurts. But Doug will be home later today and Delaney is feeling better so that's something to feel good about.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Never go where they advertise free stuff

So my plan for today was to take the girls to the Children's Museum. Doug sent me a list of "free" fun things to do in the summer in Atlanta. In my mind, free = crowded. Every second Tuesday of the month, Target is sponsoring free admission to the Children's Museum starting at 1 p.m. I had heard that the lines tend to be long so plan on coming a little later. The girls and I roll through at 2:30. The line is going up the hill and wrapped around the block. Oh hell no. I am NOT standing in line for 2-3 hours just to get in free to a museum that we've been to 3-4 times already. Plus it's like 90 degrees. No. Way. But I also didn't really have a back-up plan because the only other things in proximity are the Georgia Aquarium (which we did 2 weeks ago) and The World of Coca-Cola (which the girls didn't give a hoot about). But across the street lies Centennial Olympic Park. The minute we drove by the girls' radar picked it up and they instantly forgot about the museum. So that's just what we did. We hit the two playgrounds in front first and spent about 45 minutes playing. The girls were dripping sweat from head to toe and Hadley was really starting to demand her Spongebob sippy cup that her mother left in the car! So we hit up the cafe where they advertise "cool treat & drinks." The girls each had a giant ice cream sandwich while I slurped on a heavenly lemonade icee. Full of sugar and drink, we head back over to Centennial Park and walk straight to the water fountains. The girls were THRILLED. Of course I did not pack a single bathing suit or towel but that didn't stop me from sending them straight into the water. They really had a great time. I even caught myself getting closer and closer to the water hoping to get some mist off of them because it was so damn hot. I was melting out there. It was worth it though because it really saved our little excursion. Later on, the girls and I walked back to the parking garage. The girls were happy and tired and really wet. They stripped off down to their underwear and got in the car. I did pack extra underwear in the car for Hadley because you never know when a bad situation with her potty training will strike. Poor Delaney had to ride all the way home in her wet undies. It's a sacrifice she was willing to make.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Grandmas, goats & lions....oh my!

We have a family zoo pass which means we go to the zoo more often than some people would think necessary. The kids absolutely LOVE it. Zoo = carousel rides, train rides, rock walls, goat brushing and so much more. Today though, within 5 minutes of entering the zoo gates, our day almost took a turn for the worse. As we were entering the walk-way that either leads you to the lions or to the elephants, there is a little area of bronze statues of lions (baby lions, lionesses, & of course the daddy lions). The kids are allowed to climb into said area and have pictures taken and sit on the statues if they feel the need. Which they always do. So like every other time, Delaney & Hadley climbed up into this area and plop down onto the statues. Out of the corner of my eye I notice a zoo worker in the corner of this area and upon closer inspection see a turtle crawling around very quickly (considering they're supposed to be slow I was surprised at how fast they actually do move). The zoo worker glances over and sees my girls on the statues and flips out. Mind you, she's about 70 years old or more and she loses her shit with my girls being in the statue area.

Grandma: Oh no! They CAN'T be in here! They have to get out!

Me: Okay girls, come climb down. There's a turtle and you can't be up there while he's crawling around.

Grandma: They have to get out!

Me: Hadley, let's go! (Meanwhile, Hadley is giving me an eat shit look because she is sitting on the baby lion and there's no way in hell she's getting up without having her picture taken).

Grandma: They have to get out right NOW!

Me to Grandma: Excuse me, but we heard you the first time.

Grandma: Oh, I'm sorry but I just wanted to make sure they heard me.

Yeah lady, the whole effing zoo heard you. The girls climb down and this lady who was standing not too far from us with her little girl about Delaney's age, approaches me. She rolls her eyes and says, "How ridiculous! The kids just want to play on the statues like they do every time they come here! That lady needs to give it a rest!" In this moment I love how mothers can come together in times of stress. I look at her and reply, "I know! My kids didn't give a flip about her turtle but just wanted to play on the statues." In other words Grandma, just be glad you didn't actually try to remove my girls with your hands because I would have hated to see how the scene would have ended differently. I can almost picture the story on the 6 o'clock news.

Delaney told me, "Mom, did you know this goat is a boy!" Of course I'm dreading the conversation we're about to be having at the zoo in front of about 20 different kids with their parents. You know, because Delaney is pretty good at pointing out the anatomy of animals and yelling out the correct body part. That damn Breyer horse penis still haunts me. So I ask her, "How do you know?" I hold my breath and wait for it. "Because Mom, it has a beard!" And that I did not expect and it was damn funny!

Unfortunately, flip flops do not make the best shoes for rock wall climbing! Gotta give the girl props for trying though. She's such a bad ass...

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Oh, hello there! What's that? Yes, I've been slacking lately in the blogging department. Not by choice of course. It's been busy. Real busy. First there was the family vacation to Tennessee (which I have not yet discussed in any detail). I was nice enough to post pictures of this vacation. And what a wonderful vacation it turned out to be. Two days after returning home from Tennessee, I packed up the girls and we headed down to Columbus to visit Nana & Papa. We spent a busy 2 days there enjoying their pool, playing with cousin Carter and taking a trip up to Callaway Gardens. We returned home again to be busy with the normal summer activities. I've been so exhausted. We need to simmer down a little. Or a lot. It's the weekend again so off to work I go. Sometimes work seems like a nice break. Sad isn't it? Sad that I have to go to work to get a little peace.

Yesterday, after I finished eating lunch I called to check in on the family. They had gone to a neighbor's birthday party and I was curious to see how it went.

Me: Hey! How's it going?

Doug: Okay (sighs very loudly).

Me: What's wrong? Are the girls behaving?

Doug: They're fine. I'm just so sick and tired of this house.

Me: What's going on with the house?

Doug: I came home from the party and it's 83 degrees upstairs. I am just sick and tired of nothing working around here. Being a homeowner sucks. It's overrated.

Me: (mind you I can't lose my shit at the same time he's losing his) Sorry dear. I know it sucks but there are worse things than having to fix the a/c. At least we have a house of our own. We have healthy girls. We're okay. Everyone has to put up with crap like this. Not just us. Things will work out.

So I come home around 2:30 and it's about 84 degrees upstairs. It's like taking steps up to hell to put it nicely. It's effing hot. I mutter a few swear words and change clothes. Miraculously, Delaney is playing the computer in the playroom and I swear it feels like 90 in there and I don't know how she's coping. I decide the girls need to play in the water so maybe they won't notice the heat so much. They put on their bathing suits and I lather them up with sunscreen. I scrub out their inflatable pool and fill it up with fresh water. They happily play and squeal with delight for about an hour. They get out of the pool and play in the backyard for another 2 hours. In the passing of time, the upstairs is now a balmy 86 degrees. Oh, something I forgot to mention, Doug is going out of town so I'm also doing laundry for him so he'll have clean clothes to take with him. And yes you guessed it, our laundry room is upstairs in hell.

Fast forward 2 hours and it's bath time & bed time. The girls shower together. I keep the water cooler than normal hoping it will give them a chill. They put on their pajamas and crawl into bed. I point their fans on them and try to explain that they may want to try sleeping without covers. Delaney agrees. Hadley does not. She wants both blankets. It's hard to negotiate with a 3 year old. I say a prayer in my mind that they will fall asleep quickly and the heat will not bother them too much.

12:30 a.m. Hadley is crying because she needs to use the bathroom. I'm a little out of it thanks to the Benadryl I took before falling asleep. I help her in the bathroom and take her back to her room. I glance at the thermostat and it's 88 degrees. Fuuuck! Can we catch a break? I mean I'm tempted at this point to make the kids sleep in a tent in the backyard where I know it has to be cooler. This sucks.

3:37 a.m. Delaney is poking my arm gently trying to wake me up. "Momma, my leg and arm are itching really bad. Can you put some cream on them so I can sleep better?" Sigh. I'm exhausted. I'm really hot. But it's not her fault so I haul my ass out of bed and we go down the hall to get the Aveeno cream out for her bug bites (that she got because she spent 3 hours in the backyard thanks to the a/c). Just saying. I notice that Doug has never come to bed and Hadley's door is open and her bed is empty. I slather some cream on all found bug bites and ask Delaney if she wants to sleep in my bed. Her room feels 10 degrees warmer than mine and my fan is much more powerful than hers. She agrees and runs off to fetch her pillows (because everyone knows you sleep better with your own). She crawls in beside me and we kick off any offending covers that dare cross our bodies. She's still itching and the bed keeps moving slightly as she scratches away. I get up and pad downstairs to find the Benadryl. While I'm downstairs I notice two lumpy bodies on the couch dozing peacefully. Lucky shits. Back upstairs, after sipping on her Benadryl, Delaney is trying to doze back to sleep. I reach over and rub her head and smooth her hair back. After a few minutes, we're both sound asleep.

7:45 a.m. The a/c repairman calls to let me know he's on his way. The first thought in my head is to shout "I love you" to a stranger. In that moment, I really do.

9:30 a.m. Doug texts me the total for the a/c repairs. Wait for it.....$554. KABOOM! The good news in all this is, we found a new company for our a/c needs which we like a whole lot more than who we were using. They can even fix our existing equipment which still has a few good years left in it. Wahooooo!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Tennessee vacation in pictures

While I am going to have much to blog about our ridiculously fun and fantastic family trip to Tennessee, it's not gonna happen today. I have mountains of laundry so high they practically touch the ceiling. I have a ton of mail & email to sort through. My kids are practicing gymnastics as I type this and no matter how many times I tell them to get away from the fireplace while they do this, it's not happening. The dog is following me around and I need to clean out the bird cage. Doug has gone off to the grocery store (probably for peaceful reasons) and that means I need to get a move on it. So fear not, I will regale you with hilarious tid bits from our family trip....later.

P.S. A HUGE thank you to Mee-Maw for keeping the birds, frogs and Buddy alive while we were away! Thank you so very much.....we love you! And you're a complete lifesaver :)