Saturday, June 26, 2010

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

Black fish, blue fish, old fish, new fish.
This one has a little star.
This one has a little car.
Say! what a lot of fish there are.

Yes. Some are red. And some are blue.
Some are old. And some are new.
Some are sad.
And some are glad.
And some are very, very bad.
Why are they sad and glad and bad?
I do not know.
Go ask your dad.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tadpoles and minnows

Here are a few clips of the girls at the pool this summer. Delaney is doing well swimming underwater. She's been using her goggles and truly is like a little fish this year. Makes me so proud! Hadley, who was going thru a bit of a no swim summer, is now enjoying the pool and even swimming without any encouragement or bribery. Course when you spend 75% of your time at the pool, you just knew she'd give in!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

An Ode to Doug....the best daddy in the whole wide world!

Happy Father's Day to the man in our world....Doug! Thank you for being the best darn daddy you can be to our girls. Thank you for always putting up with the constant 24 hour drama that lurks behind the walls of this house. Thank you for building animal sets with Hadley day after day after day. And doing it with such enthusiasm that it makes her whole day! Thank you tolerating Delaney on days where it'd be preferable just to lock her in her room and cover your ears to not hear her. I agree, it's truly amazing how much she's already resembling a teenager. I tried to warn you about living with girls. Now I'm positive you are listening to me. Thank you for being brave and killing all the bugs, spiders, etc. that enjoy tormenting us. I know it scares you too sometimes but I appreciate you putting on your big boy pants and getting the job done.
Thank you for taking over on the weekends now that I'm working and doing it with no complaints. Going back to work has been an enjoyable experience and it makes me feel so good knowing you're home caring for girls and getting to spend quality time with them. It's also fun for them to experience how daddy handles things when mommy's not around. Most of all, we appreciate how you work so hard to take care of this family. Being a parent and a provider is a thankless job a lot of the time but we always appreciate you. Even when we forget to say it or show it. And a big thank you for driving the 'ole Honda all these years even though you secretly lust for a new car. It will happen one day...I just know it. We know you make HUGE sacrifices for us and it does not go unnoticed. We love you and hope you enjoy your day......

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The games we play

Look at these little cuties! Aren't they so sweet in their little inflatable pool? Yes, temperatures here lately have been hovering around 95 degrees combined with the heat index which makes it feel like 105 degrees. So, yes, it's been hot. And I hate to complain since I also happen to loathe freezing cold weather. With Vacation Bible School this week we haven't had much time to go down to the neighborhood pool. Which is kinda alright with me since I need a break from ALL the swimming I have to do with these kids! Yeesh! So we filled up our little pool the other day and I was very surprised that both girls had such a good time and no fights broke out. Okay, maybe one fight broke out but it's hardly worth mentioning in any detail.

So while I was in and out from the kitchen to the back porch, the girls devised a cute little game all their own. Delaney would stick her face right up to Hadley's face and they would bump noses. This in turn made Hadley giggle hysterically. "Do it again," she would yell to Delaney. They were so cute it made my heart all melty. It's moments like these where I am so thankful for these girls. They are so wonderful. They are so cute. They make my heart feel so full of happiness.

I wouldn't trade these cute faces for anything in the world. And this is one of the many ways we are enjoying our summer break. How's yours going?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting my groove back....

Okay, so let me start off by saying up front, I am NOT using this blog to brag today. Nope. I have worked really really hard on something and since it has not been discussed I want to discuss it. You may remember me complaining back in October about my weight. Now before you roll your eyes and make some ridiculous remark let me explain. When I got pregnant with Delaney I weighed 113 pounds. I was a size 2. Then I had her and I remained in a size 4. Obviously no complaints there. A size 4 is ridiculously great and I had nothing to complain about. Then I got pregnant with Hadley. I gained 35 pounds with her and remained in a size 6 after she was born. Still felt good and a size 6 is still completely awesome in my opinion. I started to notice after she was around 18 months that I was moving into a size 8. Which is still fine with me but I was noticing things about my body that I personally didn't care for. I tried working out. I felt good but only lost a pound or two at the most. Still I plugged along until last fall I noticed my size 8 was feeling a bit snug. I stepped on the scale and it was headed toward 140. Whoa. For me that felt like a lot of weight. I knew I was headed into a size 10 if I didn't do something. But what do I do? I was working out, maybe not as often as I would have liked but often enough. So I did the one thing I had never dared to do. I looked at my diet. The one thing I knew I had to give up was the snacking and portion sizes. I mean my "night" snacking was out of control. I chalked it up to the fact that it was the one time of the day when the girls were asleep and no one needed me so I could relax and enjoy myself. And boy did I ever! So I made a promise to cut the snacking out. So I cut down to 3 meals a day and watched my portion control. I cut out all snacking period. If I want a piece of cake after dinner then I have to eat it right after dinner. The only break I would give myself was if I was starving and knew I had to have something or I would just die, I would get a Jello pudding snack out of the refrigerator and be content with that. I figure 100 calories can't be too bad. This all started right before Halloween and I'm happy to say that I'm still sticking with it. And to date I'm 19.2 pounds lighter! Losing this weight has hands down been a very hard thing. I've never really had to restrict myself before but I did and I feel amazing. I feel really good. Yesterday, for the first time since Delaney was 18 months old, I put on a bikini when we went to the pool. And I wasn't even self-conscious one bit. I didn't stress. I took off my cover up when we arrived and let my poor belly (that hasn't seen the sun in quite a few summers) get a little tan. I felt so good that last night I sat down and ordered myself a new bikini from my new favorite store, Athleta (shown above). It's feels nice to think that after 5 years, I may be getting my groove back....

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Quick takes...summer style

1. Our water slide has died. Our fun-filled water slide that was a hand-me-down from Nana, has expired. I noticed this year when I lugged it out of the basement and plopped it down in the back yard that is wasn't looking as good as it has in summers past. Of course, being in the sun, while crazy kiddos are climbing on you, swinging from you and jumping up and down on you, I'm not really that surprised that it just gave up. We had a play date a few weeks ago and the kids accidentally popped a hole in it. And not a small one I may add. It was big and in a bad spot. But I figured if I slapped some duct tape on it, it would be fine. Because as we all know, duct tape can fix anything, right? Wrong. It didn't work. Not because the duct tape wasn't super strong but because the hole was near a spot where it is continuously got soaked in water and the tape couldn't withstand being wet. So we said good-bye to the water slide. Delaney sobbed uncontrollably for at least 10 minutes. I was sympathetic at first because it was a freaking awesome water slide and putting myself in her shoes, it does suck when your favorite water apparatus is no longer viable. But after a few minutes I told her to knock it off as it is only a water slide and not a person or pet. I promised her I would try to find a new one but since I don't have an extra $400 just lying around, she may have to wait until next summer. Rest in peace dear water slide. Our summers won't be the same without you.

2. We finally made our debut at the neighborhood pool just the other day. It's been open for a few weeks but with our gymnastics classes and play dates we haven't had time to make it down there. And the rain! All the rain we are still being hammered with isn't helping matters either. It was cloudy and maybe 72 degrees but we were bored and the girls have been dying to go. So we went. We were the only ones there other than a small family of a mom and her two older sons. Delaney had a blast. Hadley was very reluctant to get in the water and I don't know if that was because it was so cold or if she's going through a phase of being a little afraid. I didn't make an issue out of it. Delaney's big thing that she is ridiculously proud of is that she can jump in the water all by herself. So she backs up and makes a running start and leaps into the water. Oops. She forgot to plug her nose and she has managed to inhale a small amount of water. And it burns. "I have fire in my nose momma!!!" After explaining that she has to pinch her nose closed or blow out through her nose she decided to take another stab at it. She got out of the pool elated. "Momma, I didn't even hold my nose and there's NO FIRE!" It's so hard not to laugh at a statement like that. Kids are so funny with their wording.

3. Hadley had her first gymnastics class ever last week. She was so cute. I was unsure if she would do it since she's only ever observed. Also she's barely 3 and Delaney was 4-1/2 when she started. But with her climbing abilities and her flexibility, I thought it would suit her well. She was pretty shy at first and I think she even shed a few tears while Delaney and I were waiting in the upstairs observing area to see her. She came out with 2 other little girls. I sat and watched completely transfixed on what she was doing. One thing I observed is just how strong she really is. Not that I didn't know. Believe me, she's no wimp by any stretch. But she truly has good upper body strength. She listened to her teacher very well. By the time she was finished she was running circles around the entryway playing happily with one of her new friends.

4. Our family trip to Pensacola Beach may be cancelled very soon. I'm really sick about this. I look forward every year to going to the beach. We usually go to Hilton Head Island. This year we've changed our location due to the fact that Doug's best friend is getting married in Destin and he's in the wedding. We figured since we'll already be down there we might as well make a week out of it and take the girls. Now the oil has arrived and we've been told the stench is horrific. It pisses me off something serious. I was already riled up by the oil that's been pumped into the ocean potentially harming sea life and such. It seems careless and I didn't feel like enough was being done to stop it. I know I shouldn't be so selfish when it's just a vacation and we can go elsewhere. But still. I'm mad about it and I know the girls will be disappointed. So now we're trying to come up with an alternative. I would love some suggestions if you have any!

5. I caught Doug the other night standing on the porch in his t-shirt and boxers signing a contract with a Terminix representative. I couldn't believe my eyes really. Him being in his boxers, yeah that one didn't surprise me a darn bit. If the man could get away with wearing them and only them to work I'm quite sure he would. The signing of a contract with Terminix, that did surprise me. He never wants to be tied down to a contract. Never. You know what they say, never say never. I complain every single summer about bugs. I really hate them. I have no problem killing them with the exception of the cockroach or as we know them in the south....palmetto bugs. Palmetto bugs are actually the biggest roach I have ever laid eyes on and those damn things can fly. Aaaaah! They become a nuisance in June and stay that way until about October when it starts to cool off. Anyway, I hate them. A whole lot. So the very next day Terminix comes out and sprays the inside and outside of the house. I'm ecstatic! In the back of my mind I realize that by spraying them it's probably going to make any bugs that are hanging around lurking in the darkness to come on out. So yesterday I'm getting out of the shower to get ready for work. I look down and dammit, there's a roach and he's actually staring at me. And he's really HUGE. So I hop out of the shower and contemplate what I should do. I don't want to be too loud because it's 5:30 a.m. and Doug is slumbering away in the next room. I'm dripping wet and naked with no shoes lying around to use as a weapon. All of a sudden, he starts charging me. And I'm backing up rather fast because I'm scared shitless. I'm clutching my underwear and realize I need to kill him and fast so he can't get into our closet. Using my underwear I start swatting at him. And he's escaping. I try to use pressure and he's still crawling out from under my underwear unharmed. AAAAAAhhhhhh! So I throw the underwear on him again, grab a flip flop that's sitting right inside the door of the closet and give him a deserving smack down. And he dies. I'm pretty sure I was much louder than I wanted to be but all in the name of saving myself. I was edgy for the rest of the morning.