Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Muffins with Mommy

Hadley showing off her potted flower (which she decorated using her own fingers & paint).

A rare picture of me & little bitty

Isn't this adorable? She was so proud!

Hadley & Ms. Sharon (her favorite teacher)

The day after I had lunch with Delaney, I was invited to have "Muffins with Mommy" with Hadley's class. I always enjoy going into the two-year class because it's so much fun to observe. Unlike Delaney, we don't always get as much information from Hadley on her class, friends, teachers, etc. I mean, she just turned 3 for crying out loud so of course we don't! So I enjoy being in her class so I can check out all the little kiddos that she spends 2 days a week with. I love seeing her play with her friends. Hadley's was dying to show me her favorite toys or where they read their books. So stinking cute! I had a very nice time with her. Of course the tears at the very end as I was leaving were hard to swallow but I survived it somehow.

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