Saturday, May 22, 2010

Little leaps

WARNING....the content of the following entry could be totally oversharing and could in fact gross some of you out. Too bad I'm still gonna blog about it but I'm just saying, if poop grosses you out, log out immediately!

So, I shared with you all that over Spring Break I decided to get down to business and potty train Hadley already. Well we did. For the most part. I have to say, for the record, potty training my girls on the whole peeing thing, truly was easy for the most part. They each had accidents the first few days but after that, they were good to go. I mean it. Those girls knew what they were doing and that's the way it stayed. Thank goodness because I really hate to clean up pee. It's messy and Lord knows it flipping goes all over the place. Now the whole pooping bit, that's another story.

Pooping with Delaney took 2 weeks for her to bite the bullet and poop in the potty. She was going in her underwear quite a bit more than I cared for. Just gross. So to get her to stop, I stripped off her underwear one afternoon and watched that child like a hawk. When I noticed signs of needing to go, I'd grabbed her like a football and hauled ass to the bathroom where I deposited her on the toilet while she screamed that she did not have to poop. Yeah, okay. Sure you don't kid. After 40 minutes (for real) she gave up, pooped on the potty and we've been doing it ever since.

Now comes the story of Hadley. Have I ever mentioned how stubborn this child can be? Uh...I'm sure it's been mentioned. A LOT. So anyhoo, it just goes to say that, of course I knew it wouldn't be easy. But she fooled me on day #1 of potty training. She ran up to me 3 hours into the whole thing to tell me she needed to go poop. I looked down at that sweet child, blinked like I wasn't sure I really heard her right and when it sunk it what she was telling me, I grabbed her up like a football and hauled ass into the bathroom. I deposited her on the toilet where she immediately pooped. What? For real? Yep. She did it. I was completely blown away. I was so damn excited I called Doug and my mom. I mean this is big deal. Then comes the next part of the story. Hadley has been pooping in her underwear ever since. What's that you say? No, I did not put her back in diapers. Oh hell no. When I decide to potty train, we are ALL DONE with diapers whether they like it or not. So for the last week or so, I've been completely over the pooping in her underwear. At first I was really trying to be laid back and not stress over it because I do know that eventually it will click for her. She'll just do it and continue to do it. But it's been 6 weeks and I am so done with it. I need her to stop pooping in her underwear. So, the other day, when I knew she had to go, I made her sit on the potty until she did her business. It took 25 minutes and a whole lot of tears but she did it. I was thrilled but knew better than to think we had reached the end. But then today, while she was swimming with her sister in the backyard, she came to me and told me she had pooped in her bathing suit. Which she did NOT. So I deposited her on the toilet. And she pooped! Oh yeah! Of course I'm still not sure we out of the woods yet but I just feel so good for her! Go Hadley! Let's just keep our fingers crossed and do a whole lot of praying....

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Sarah said...

This post made me laugh only because we are going through almost the same thing with Collin! He has no problem peeing on the potty (or outside!) but he doesn't poop on the potty and he doesn't care if he poops in his underwear. Hopefully both Hadley and Collin will get it soon and I won't have to throw anymore underwear away!