Friday, May 14, 2010

Future class of 2023

Delaney's preschool class

Daddy & Delaney

Mommy & Delaney

MacKenzie, Daniel, Ethan, Delaney & Emily

Silly faces!!!

Proud parents with their little "scholar"

Delaney & Ms. JoAnn (her favorite teacher)

Delaney & Hadley

Hadley, Poppie, Delaney (doing jazz hands apparently) and Mee-Maw

I drop Delaney off with her class and head to the Sanctuary. Hadley and I are rushing off to find Doug and his parents. The moment we have been anticipating all year has come. Pre-K graduation! Delaney is so excited! She has been practicing for weeks in the pool, in her room, any where she can flex her vocal cords. In other words, I have been given a sneak preview so I am looking forward to seeing my big girl in action.

I flip over the program that was given to me and I see the words, "The future class of 2023." Good grief. I suddenly feel old. But I shrug off this feeling and focus on what we're here for. My big girl Delaney. It's hard for me to believe that in less than 3 months she will be heading off to kindergarten. Preschool for her is over. She is moving on. She is growing up. And honestly, sometimes I'm just plain not ready yet. I want to turn back the clock and relive the baby years with her. I want to remember the first steps she took. I want to remember the first time we ate at McDonald's together. I want to remember snuggling on the couch with her watching movie after movie when she was sick. But I'll be okay. I will focus on the fact that I have her for now. One day she will grow up to be a woman who will make choices that suit her. I may not agree with them but I want to be along for the ride with her no matter what.

I love you Delaney Grace. You make me proud every single day. I am proud you're my daughter and I'm so happy that I'm your momma. Congratulations on your graduation!

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