Monday, May 10, 2010

A dog, 2 birds and frogs...oh my!

Please allow me to introduce the two newest members of our ever-expanding family, Phineaus & Ferb. For Hadley's birthday, her best friend Luke gave her these (as he knows that she LOVES frogs). According to Luke's mommy, Michelle, they are African dwarf frogs. At least I think that is what she said. While she was explaining what they were, and important things like how often I can feed them, I was completely zoning out imagining what other creatures/critters we'll end up with. In their defense though, they are pretty low maintenance. They're also pretty cute. They swim really fast. Hadley LOVES them. She constantly moving their little box around. Much to my horror, I came downstairs the other day and found that she had pulled over their box to the very edge of the counter. One more 1/4 of an inch, those cute little boys would have been hopping around my kitchen or praying for death. Honestly, if I were them, I would choose death over being handled by Hadley. Any day. If you don't believe me, ask our birds. They know.

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