Saturday, April 17, 2010

Whatcha reading?

As you may have noticed, my blogging lately has been few and far between. I have been all caught up reading the "Sookie Stackhouse" books by Charlaine Harris. Doug bought them for me for my birthday and I finally picked up the first one and now I count put the darn things down. They are a series of 9 books (soon to be 10) and they are highly addictive. If you enjoyed Twilight..then you will LOVE these. I love them even more than Twilight (if you can believe that). They are more adult, as they were written for adults, and they have vampires and other supernatural creatures. I never in a million years thought I would be a girl who enjoys books of this nature but I don't just like 'em, I love 'em. The characters in these books are so well written I feel as if I know them personally. They're funny, creepy, witty and just downright good reading. Enjoy.....

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