Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick Takes (Spring Break Version)

Los Chimichangos (Hadley, Delaney, Luke & Canyon)

Hadley & Luke

1. Hadley is....POTTY TRAINED! Oh yeah! This was our HUGE accomplishment & goal for Spring Break 2010. I've been saying for two months that this child is finally ready to be potty trained but with me working on the weekends, it has been difficult to carve out a long stretch where we could just be home and do it already. So I declared Spring Break our week to knock it out and she did it! I have to say that the second time around was so much better. I had no expectations or anxieties. If she pooped in her underwear, the world wasn't going to end or anything; she'd just have poop in her underwear. And yes, she did poop in her underwear (several times in fact) and no I didn't even get upset. Not even a little. I am very proud of our peanut and overjoyed that I don't have to change diapers anymore.

2. I really hate vomit. I mean REALLY hate it. It never fails that when our dog, Buddy, has to puke, he feels that the best place to do so is under the bed in the playroom. Why? Who the hell knows but it's been one of the most annoying things about this dog. So I hear him start gagging under the bed as I'm checking my email. I coax him out and while doing so I'm shouting (probably more like shrieking) that he needs to "GET OUTSIDE." I also got a little annoyed that once he made it downstairs, instead of going to the backdoor, he made a u-turn into the family room and proceeded to barf all over the carpet. So now I'm fuming. I know, he can't help that he's sick. I get that. I'm not going to beat him or anything but it doesn't help with my hate of vomit. So I shout a few obscene words and out the door he goes. The next day, Delaney and I are coloring together while Hadley is napping. Here is the conversation between us:

D: Momma, remember yesterday when Buddy was sick?

Me: Yes baby. I'm glad he feels better today. Mommy really hates it when he gets sick.

D: I know. I know because when Buddy was throwing up you said, "Buddy, goddammit! Get outside!" You said it like that.

Me: (As I hide my face behind a coloring book) That wasn't a nice word mommy used. I'm sorry I said it in front of you.

D: It's okay momma. I know you don't like throw up.

3. The first day of potty training is always the worst. I must have put Hadley on the toilet like every 30 minutes. I don't expect her to use the bathroom every time but I'm just trying to help her make the connection. So this one particular time, I sit her on the toilet and turn my back (trying to give a little privacy) and she's sitting there looking down, waiting expectantly. She looks up at me and says, "Mommy, it's not working. It's broken." Darn her, she gets me every time. I help her down off the toilet. I pull up her panties & shorts. I kiss her on the nose and hand her a chocolate egg for humoring me and away she goes. Life in the eyes of an almost 3 year old.

4. The girls are playing in the basement. Which I have to say, is full of crap as most basements probably are. It has old furniture, Christmas decor, old toys awaiting Goodwill, etc. Since our basement is unfinished, the girls are allowed to ride their bikes downstairs and play on rainy days. So one evening they're downstairs playing quietly while I'm getting dinner ready. Doug walks in the door from work and we're chatting. A few minutes pass and Hadley starts screaming at Delaney. I try not to intervene unless it gets out of hand just so they can learn to problem solve together. Doug hollers down, "What's going on?" Delaney replies, "Nothing! Hadley's just being a big baby!" Doug and I look at each other and collapse into a giggling fit. I know it's immature but sometimes it just feels good to laugh at our kids.

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