Monday, April 26, 2010

Not Me Monday

It was not me, who repeatedly this past week, let her 3 year old skip her nap so she could go to bed early and I could have 2-3 hours of uninterrupted reading time. I value the importance of nap time and would never abuse it for my own purposes. And it is not me who is completely addicted to the Sookie Stackhouse series. I don't enjoy vampire books at all. Nor would I allow myself to become addicted to books of this nature.

It was not me who gave her 3 year old a piece of gum which amazingly ended up part-way in her hair and had to be cut out. I am not this irresponsible. I would never give a child a piece of gum just to buy myself a few minutes of peace and quiet. Nope. Not this mom, no sirree.

It was not me who was openly making comments about Gerard Butler's physique while watching Law Abiding Citizen with my hubby. I would never be so obvious or disrespectful to Doug. Doug did not give me dirty looks or tell me to keep it down. We only have eyes for each other and would never fantasize about celebrities, especially in front of each other. Nor do we keep a "Top 5 List." We are so much more mature than that.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to sweet little Hadley...

Dear Hadley,

I cannot even believe for one minute that my little baby girl has turned 3 (or #3 as you refer to it). How is that possible? It seems like just yesterday we brought you home from the hospital. You have always been my laid-back little "zen" girl. Although you are growing up and becoming quite a BIG girl, there are still some things that let me know you're still my baby. For instance, your pacifier. Yes, I realize now that I should have banished that thing from the house before you even had your first birthday. It definitely would have been smarter on my part. Now, I'm stuck with a 3 year old that still asks for her pacifier every night. "The pink one momma." And while some people will be shocked to hear this, it really doesn't bother me too much. Yes, we will have to take it away very soon indeed. You will be sad and heartbroken. And I will too. Sometimes though, this is the price of being a "big" girl. You have to say good-bye to things that are familiar and feel sacred and that are a part of you. But you will be fine and move on. See, even as I'm typing this, I feel sad for you. The truth is, you're my baby. My last little baby and I'm sure part of the reason I've let you keep around that darn pacifier is that once it's gone, you will truly seem like a big girl. You're it kid. No more babies after you. While I have made my peace with this, it still feels heavy to say it out loud like that. So, what I mean to say is, I have to stop treating you like a baby. Even though you will always be my baby, you are quite the big girl now. You've become so independent it's downright frustrating sometimes. "I do it myself momma!" "Go away momma, I do it!" I try not to let your words hurt because I know how proud of yourself you are and make no mistake, your daddy and I are very proud of you too. Seriously though, slow down already and quit growing up so fast. Because again, I cannot believe you are 3!!!

All my love,


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Grandma...

I'm sitting at the breakfast bar in my Grandma's kitchen. It's summer time and we're visiting. They live in Iowa and we live in Georgia. So our visits always seem short but fun. And I really love my Grandma. She always seems so happy to see me. She does little things to let me know she remembers things that I love like buying strawberries and slicing them up and sprinkling a little sugar over them. So it's morning and I am hungry and she's going to make me breakfast. One of my favorite things that only she makes just right is Cream of Wheat. Something I have learned living here in Georgia for 22 years is that Cream of Wheat is for the "Yankees" as I've heard so often. But I don't care. I really love it. And only my Grandma makes it with lumps in it just the way I like it. So I look over at her and say, "Make sure you put lots of lumps in it, okay?" And she smiles at me and says, "I won't forget." She winks at me and fixes me my favorite breakfast. And this is just one of the many memories that always sticks out in my mind from my childhood. Now every single time I fish out the cream of wheat for breakfast, I think of my Grandma. And of course, I never get the consistency quite right!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Whatcha reading?

As you may have noticed, my blogging lately has been few and far between. I have been all caught up reading the "Sookie Stackhouse" books by Charlaine Harris. Doug bought them for me for my birthday and I finally picked up the first one and now I count put the darn things down. They are a series of 9 books (soon to be 10) and they are highly addictive. If you enjoyed Twilight..then you will LOVE these. I love them even more than Twilight (if you can believe that). They are more adult, as they were written for adults, and they have vampires and other supernatural creatures. I never in a million years thought I would be a girl who enjoys books of this nature but I don't just like 'em, I love 'em. The characters in these books are so well written I feel as if I know them personally. They're funny, creepy, witty and just downright good reading. Enjoy.....

Friday, April 16, 2010

My good friend, Michelle

Today was one of those days. You know. The days where you wish you could get back in bed and start all over. Yep. I had one of those kind of days today. I'm not even sure where it all went wrong but I found myself having an almost out-of-body experience and that's when I knew. That today was going to SUCK no matter how hard I tried. And to be honest, once I figured it out, I'm not sure I tried very hard to make it any better. I know that's terrible to admit but sometimes...sometimes I'm tired. I'm tired of the whining, fighting, complaining, needing, wanting, crying, screaming, kicking, tantrum throwing, etc. So what did I do? I stepped outside and....


I screamed so effing loud that our neighbor's dogs howled inside their house. And you know what? It felt good. Who knew that sometimes just flexing your vocal cords can do so much good. Then, I packed up the girls and we headed over to Michelle's house for a play date. We screech to a stop in front of her house and I'm practically running to the front door. I'm desperate because I need to be around another mommy friend today that gets me. And one of the few people that truly gets me and knows the "real" me is my dear good friend, Michelle. The kids dart into the house screeching because it's been two whole days since they last saw their friends and they're still overjoyed to see them again. Michelle has been filling up the inflatable pool with water in the backyard. The girls catch wind of this and their eyes practically roll back in their heads. POOL! I strip off their clothes and throw on their bathing suits. I spray on sunscreen, tie their hair up and shove them into the backyard. Buh-bye...

Michelle and I grab a stack of People's magazines and sit on the porch chatting, complaining and basically just happy to have each other's company. We break up the occasional fight because "so-and-so splashed me." Then Michelle disappears into the house and comes out with two glasses of wine and two plates of strawberry cake. And not just any strawberry cake. Like the most divine and delicious strawberry cake I ever laid eyes on. And that's before I took a bite. I could blog an entire entry and how flipping fantastic that piece of cake tasted. I did everything but get down and lick the plate clean (don't think I didn't want to). We sipped our wine and chatted for another hour or so as the kids are still playing. More time passes and I realize I need to start rounding up the girls so we can go home. A process that always seems to take at least 30 minutes.

We finally get in the car and are pulling out of the cul-de-sac. Delaney and Hadley are pleading (whining) for me to please let them listen to the iPod. So I turn it on and hand it back. I remind them about the two-song rule so they remember to share. Then I sit back and drive home through the hellish Atlanta traffic that seems to rear it's ugly head especially on Friday afternoons. And I realize...I survived this day. That even though this day started out really badly, it ended pretty good. Even though my girls drive me absolutely crazy sometimes, they are mine and I will love them until the end of time. And having friends that understand you and do the simplest of things to make your day better, is a precious gift. Thank you Michelle! You truly ROCK!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick Takes (Spring Break Version)

Los Chimichangos (Hadley, Delaney, Luke & Canyon)

Hadley & Luke

1. Hadley is....POTTY TRAINED! Oh yeah! This was our HUGE accomplishment & goal for Spring Break 2010. I've been saying for two months that this child is finally ready to be potty trained but with me working on the weekends, it has been difficult to carve out a long stretch where we could just be home and do it already. So I declared Spring Break our week to knock it out and she did it! I have to say that the second time around was so much better. I had no expectations or anxieties. If she pooped in her underwear, the world wasn't going to end or anything; she'd just have poop in her underwear. And yes, she did poop in her underwear (several times in fact) and no I didn't even get upset. Not even a little. I am very proud of our peanut and overjoyed that I don't have to change diapers anymore.

2. I really hate vomit. I mean REALLY hate it. It never fails that when our dog, Buddy, has to puke, he feels that the best place to do so is under the bed in the playroom. Why? Who the hell knows but it's been one of the most annoying things about this dog. So I hear him start gagging under the bed as I'm checking my email. I coax him out and while doing so I'm shouting (probably more like shrieking) that he needs to "GET OUTSIDE." I also got a little annoyed that once he made it downstairs, instead of going to the backdoor, he made a u-turn into the family room and proceeded to barf all over the carpet. So now I'm fuming. I know, he can't help that he's sick. I get that. I'm not going to beat him or anything but it doesn't help with my hate of vomit. So I shout a few obscene words and out the door he goes. The next day, Delaney and I are coloring together while Hadley is napping. Here is the conversation between us:

D: Momma, remember yesterday when Buddy was sick?

Me: Yes baby. I'm glad he feels better today. Mommy really hates it when he gets sick.

D: I know. I know because when Buddy was throwing up you said, "Buddy, goddammit! Get outside!" You said it like that.

Me: (As I hide my face behind a coloring book) That wasn't a nice word mommy used. I'm sorry I said it in front of you.

D: It's okay momma. I know you don't like throw up.

3. The first day of potty training is always the worst. I must have put Hadley on the toilet like every 30 minutes. I don't expect her to use the bathroom every time but I'm just trying to help her make the connection. So this one particular time, I sit her on the toilet and turn my back (trying to give a little privacy) and she's sitting there looking down, waiting expectantly. She looks up at me and says, "Mommy, it's not working. It's broken." Darn her, she gets me every time. I help her down off the toilet. I pull up her panties & shorts. I kiss her on the nose and hand her a chocolate egg for humoring me and away she goes. Life in the eyes of an almost 3 year old.

4. The girls are playing in the basement. Which I have to say, is full of crap as most basements probably are. It has old furniture, Christmas decor, old toys awaiting Goodwill, etc. Since our basement is unfinished, the girls are allowed to ride their bikes downstairs and play on rainy days. So one evening they're downstairs playing quietly while I'm getting dinner ready. Doug walks in the door from work and we're chatting. A few minutes pass and Hadley starts screaming at Delaney. I try not to intervene unless it gets out of hand just so they can learn to problem solve together. Doug hollers down, "What's going on?" Delaney replies, "Nothing! Hadley's just being a big baby!" Doug and I look at each other and collapse into a giggling fit. I know it's immature but sometimes it just feels good to laugh at our kids.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pink, red & orange

Me: Delaney, you just walked past 8 different eggs! How can you NOT see them?
Delaney: Mommy, I'm only getting pink, red and orange eggs. Or ones with pretty shapes on them.
Me: Seriously? You know they might have big Cadbury eggs in them (her favorite).
Delaney: That's okay. I don't need all of them. Hadley can get them.
I mean really?! Who willingly gives up a Cadbury egg because it's in the wrong colored egg! It's madness I tell you. I'm still scratching my head over this one. I guess it's better though than her elbowing her sister in an attempt to get the most eggs. This I am thankful for. Happy Easter everyone!