Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bird on the edge

This is what happens when you're 4 inches tall and sick and tired of being scared half to death by your owners & their crazy two year old kid. Belle wrote this in his (yes Belle is in fact a boy) last letter. He informed us that's it's not cool to allow Hadley to open their windows to insert various toys such as her frog, puppies or tigers. Belle & Cinderella would appreciate a little peace. Belle also mentioned it would be nice if I wouldn't knock over their cage in its entirety causing food, water & feces to fly up and land all over them and their surroundings. They didn't ask to be dropped off at this funny farm. They're just trying to survive and make the most of this hell.

Doug trying to be the bird whisperer. Could use a bit more training but overall, did MUCH better than I would have.

As you can see, after fierce negotiations, Belle and I were able to come to a mutual agreement. I agreed to stop cursing them every time I walk past their cage and step into the seeds they fling out. They agreed to stop shrieking on the two whole days of the year I attempt a nap. I'm confident things are going to be better.

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