Thursday, February 25, 2010

So we have reached that stage now

What is this you ask? Maybe you're thinking the same thing I thought upon first glance...cheetos! Nope, think again!

This is what you saw only JUST the orange version.

Those happen to be Delaney's Hannah Montana vitamins. I give her 2 every morning with her breakfast. And why were they under the couch? Good question! Several months ago when Delaney starting take them, she admitted outright that she REALLY doesn't like the orange ones because they don't taste very good. Like any good mom, I told her that she still has to take them regardless of how much she dislikes them. "They are good for your body and it's just a small vitamin. Chew it fast & drink some water and the bad taste will be gone." I knew I should have further investigated this because she kept coming to me last week telling me that "Look Mommy, I ate the orange vitamin!" So today while I was fishing Buddy's ball out from under the couch, I notice that there are several cheetos under the couch. Which seemed odd since the girls are not allowed to eat their cheetos in the family room. Upon closer inspection, I could NOT believe my eyes! That little turkey has been hiding her orange Hannah Montana vitamins under the couch and telling me (her mother, her best friend according to her) that she's been eating them. Ha! Of course I did the only thing a good mother would do, I took away I-pod privileges for 2 WHOLE DAYS! Yikes! I know, it's sooo harsh right!? I mean, I know kids lie and I do remember going through the stage of lying to my parents as well. I guess I just wasn't prepared for it already. So now I will have to watch Delaney physically put said vitamin into mouth, chew and swallow. I'm sure if she could, Buddy would be eating them for her...or maybe he already has!

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