Saturday, February 13, 2010

Okay, this is MORE like it!

Now this is what I call snow! We got a whopping 3-4 inches of snow here! Some parts of Georgia even got 6-9 inches. For those of you reading this in Iowa, that is A LOT of snow for us. Most of the time we get a dusting if that much. The girls were THRILLED to say the least. Delaney tore out of the house before everything was even covered. She has been asking me about snow since December. I've tried explaining to her that in these parts, we only see significant snowfall about every 10 years if we're lucky. The last time it snowed this good was the blizzard of 1993. So, yes, it's been a while. I am thankful we only get it every once in a while. It's cold, messy and more messy. And Lord have mercy if someone has to pee! It's a chore in itself just to suit up and get out there to play in it. Nonetheless, we had a blast and look forward to the next BIG snowstorm!

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Robin said...

How beautiful! I remember ice storms in Georgia, but not such pretty snow. What a fun memory for the girls to have.