Friday, February 5, 2010

7 Quick Takes

The idea for today's blog was stolen from one of my favorite bloggers:

Delaney has decided that she really LOVES Lady Gaga. I bought two songs for my I-pod, Bad Romance & Poker Face. I enjoy these songs while I am cleaning house. I did not realize that I bought the unclean version and to my horror, Delaney has been listening to this very version day in and day out while riding in the car. The word, bitch, is said about 10 times throughout the song Bad Romance. I approached Delaney about this because I didn't want her singing it later on at school or with a friend. I really should have left it alone because according to Delaney, she thought Lady Gaga was saying "peaches." Sigh.
Hadley has had the same ear infection for a whole MONTH. I feel so badly for her because I can't imagine having ear pain for that long of a time. I took her back to the doctor today and after talking to her pediatrician, we decided that giving her an antibiotic injection might be better and help her feel better faster. After receiving her two injections and screaming bloody flipping murder for 10 minutes (trust me when I say it felt like 10 years), one of the nurses who gave her one of the shots came into the waiting area to call back another patient. Hadley took one look at her face and pointed her little finger at her and shouted, "NOOOOOOOO!" It was actually hysterical to me. I couldn't quit smirking.
Every night I sneak into the girls' rooms to check and make sure they haven't kicked off their covers or are hanging off the bed except for like a foot or arm. For Christmas, Delaney got a white tiger that growls, purrs, and whines. While in her room one night last week, I noticed that she was literally covered with about 5-6 different animals. I go to pick up "Sammy" and darn if I didn't grab the damn thing by his ear which activates all of these sounds. Of course Delaney didn't hear a peep because she truly can sleep like the dead. But I didn't want to leave him in her room going off like that for 10 minutes or more so I took him down to the other end of the hallway to our playroom and threw him on the bed. Meanwhile, the master bedroom is at the other end of the hallway. With my door closed almost completely, and our oscillating fan going in my ear, I could still hear that damn tiger growling! Doug is all like, "Take that stupid thing downstairs & lock him in the coat closet!" Try explaining that one to your 5 year old.
Delaney and I were discussing the day when she would be old enough to have a baby of her own. "Mom, how are babies born? Do they come out of your belly?" Delaney's mom chose to lie through her teeth and tell her that "yes, that's how all babies are born." I couldn't bear to tell her the truth quite yet. After all the horse anatomy talk, I didn't even want to think about this being discussed during recess.
Delaney has a headache. She's complaining about this as we're driving home from school. She has already asked if she can listen to Lady Gaga. I've told her no. I'm trying to talk to her about her day and what she learned in school. She's not cooperating. She clearly doesn't want to talk. A few minutes pass and she starts moaning. "Mom, I really have a bad headache. I think I would feel MUCH better if you let me listen to Lady Gaga." Oh dear.
We're making Valentine cupcakes. I bought a brand new container of sprinkles. The container is fancy because it has 5 different sections of different sprinkles. It has not yet been opened. I leave Hadley downstairs alone for less than two minutes to go upstairs to grab something. I come back downstairs to find Hadley on the floor with the sprinkles container and a pile of hearts on the floor beside her. She has broken open the container and is happily munching, giving me a look like "what's the problem?"
Hadley and I are at the mall. Our mall now has a small indoor playground for kids 4 and under. We're meeting a friend to have a short play date. There's this other kid there that looks to be about Hadley's age (almost 3). This child is kind of awful. Her mom is holding what appears to be a baby about 9 months old and paying much attention to big sister. Hadley is quietly playing with this toy contraption that's bolted on the wall. This little girl comes running over and yells "NOOO," right in Hadley's face. Of course, Hadley's all mellow and walks away to avoid confrontation, because that's how she rolls. Is it truly awful of me to admit to you all reading this that I was secretly hoping Hadley would slap said child and walk away. I mean everyone has their breaking point right?!

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Ellie said...

OMG... "Peaches!" I'm laughing so hard.... and I remember the horse anatomy talk. Good thinking on that question, Mom. Good thinking. :)

P.S. - Thanks for the link! :)