Monday, December 14, 2009


Allow me to introduce the newest member of the Alexander clan, Joey aka Joe (Doug calls him Joe, no one else does). Actually, thanks to a recent show of The Closer, Doug really wanted to name him Joel, but after much protesting from a certain family member (Nana), the girls and I agreed that Joey is awfully cute for a kitten. So, meet Joey.

The cutest little kitten ever. Really. EVER. He's so sweet and cuddly. I bought the girls this kitten, besides the fact that I am a total sucker, but mainly because I wanted them to have an animal that's all "their" own. We have our sweet dog, Buddy, but Buddy is really my dog as we adopted him when he was a baby 12 years ago. I didn't think it entirely fair to make the girls await his demise one day to get a new pet. I also didn't want them wishing the poor dog dead just to get a new pet. So...I caved and let them pick out a kitten from a huge litter of baby gray kittens at the shelter. In this house we are big believers in getting animals from shelters.

Joey is turning out to be an adorable and exciting addition to our crazy house. Delaney, of course, has become his mother hen and carries him around like her little baby. This in turn makes him follow her around ALL the time when she's not carrying him, crying on her heels to be acknowledged. He even follows her into the bathroom and cries while she takes a shower. He LOVES her. Hadley, also, very much loves the "kitty." Perhaps a little too much. What is it about two year olds that they instinctively pick up any animal by it's neck? Geez! So we have a Hadley watch where she's not allowed to be alone with Joey for fear that she could accidentally end his very short life. That said, it doesn't lessen the fact that this girl also really REALLY loves this baby kitten. And for some really strange reason, even though she affectionately gives him the neck hold, Joey also adores Hadley too.

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