Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fit for a princess

The birthday Princess

Delaney getting her hair done (and not even YELLING!)

Delaney, MacKenzie & Lizzie (her best peeps)

If you look can see her make-up!!!

Princess MacKenzie

Princess Hadley getting her hair done (and secretly loving it!)

How sweet is this? You can see their cute feet!

Hadley sampling the lipstick

Hadley getting her nails painted (in the lightest shade they had!!)

Delaney strutting on the red carpet

Princess Charli on the red carpet

Hadley giving her Miss America wave to all!

All the pretty princesses!!!

Hadley painting her princess wand

MacKenzie & Delaney working on their wands

FINALLY! I know I've been slack with not posting anything lately but it's not for lack of trying. Don't you just hate it when you've worked hard on a post only to lose it in cyber-world? Well...that's exactly what happened a few nights ago when I tried to post Delaney's party pictures. Really found myself pissed off because I had worked on said post for a good 25 minutes. Doug was pissed because he was "patiently" awaiting my presence downstairs so we could watch our favorite Monday night shows. Only to have me stomping down the stairs, swearing loudly about something that may have been partly my fault. I hit a wrong button which caused my post to disappear. So really it MY fault not the computer's.

Anyway, Delaney's Princess Party RULED! The pictures can explain it all. It was my favorite party we've ever done and I can't wait until Hadley is a bit older and can have one herself. It was all about dressing up, make-up, nail polish & hair! The girls were so cute I couldn't stop smiling at them! And there in the midst of 8 little girls was my dear husband. I have to give him props because he was definitely out of his element but ever SO helpful. I guess when you live with 3 women and you're the only guy, you tend to get used to this sorta thing.


Carmen said...

That is the cutest party EVER! If we are ever gifted with a daughter we will have to throw her a princess party. What to do for Garrett's next birthday? A robot party??? Love you hon!

Katie said...

Thanks Carmen!