Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me Monday

The idea for today's blog is from MckMama at where mommas can unite together in our imperfections!

Since I am dedicating my blogging this week to our Disney trip, I will make this a Disney versions of "not me" Monday.

It was certainly NOT me that went to the Disney store the day prior to departing for our trip and spent $80 on toys to bribe my girls with all the way to Orlando. Nope. My kids are angels and understand how difficult it is to drive while they're screaming in the backseat. They would never make me want to drive my car into a telephone pole. They are especially well behaved on long distance trips. Yes...the "perfect" little car riders they are indeed.

It was NOT me while visiting the Animal Kingdom that carried my two year old child out of a restaurant kicking and screaming. I did NOT put the same said child in a time-out on the sidewalk in front of hundreds of gawking people. My girls are truly model children and always eat when they're asked to. They would never throw a temper tantrum and scream at the top of their lungs because they didn't want to eat. That's just insane! I also did not go back to our hotel afterwards and cry like a baby. No, I have a better handle on my emotions than that. And because my children never misbehave in this fashion, I never have meltdowns myself. We're happy 24/7 in this household!

And finally, it was NOT me who upon realizing that her daughter pooped in her diaper minutes before showering, decided to rinse her off in the shower instead of cleaning up the mess properly. I never cut corners and always do everything 110%. Yep. We're never gross and definitely don't do gross things. Not me!

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