Monday, September 21, 2009

Lunch with Cinderella

Delaney & Cinderella

Delaney & Snow White

Delaney & Sleeping Beauty

Delaney & Jasmine

Delaney & Belle

If Delaney did nothing else in Disney other than have lunch with Cinderella, she would have died a happy girl. This is ALL this girl talked about from the moment we told her. We took along her costume so she could wear it to the castle. I wish I knew all the details from this lunch but unfortunately, I do not. This was the day that Hadley was hospitalized for stridor and we were absent from the park the entire day. I saw no reason that Delaney needed to miss this so Doug was able to take her. I do know that she had a wonderful time. She was a little put off that Cinderella didn't actually sit down & have lunch at her table. I guess maybe next time her parents can do a better job of explaining the situation. Overall, she was a happy girl and talked about how nice all the princesses were. They sent her home with pictures and an official Cinderella "magic" wand. She carried this said wand all over the place for like 5 days. If little sister felt like pushing her buttons, she would steal this magical wand and run off waving it around all the while big sister would shriek hysterically and cry herself into a heap on the floor. YES, we love our Cinderella wand. And NO, you may NOT touch it. Or look at it.

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