Friday, September 18, 2009


Daisy giving Delaney her autograph

Goofy & Hadley

The girls hanging out on the shark from Finding Nemo

Day 4 of our Disney trip extravaganza was spent in Epcot. I had such mixed feelings about Epcot. I knew I would enjoy it as I've been told it's a very "adult" park. Several people told me that the kids might even find it a bit "boring." So I went to Epcot kicking and screaming to Doug that the girls would be bored and all we wanted to do anyway was go to the Magic Kingdom already!!! Boy did I get to eat my words! Our day spent at Epcot was probably the nicest day we had the ENTIRE trip! I believe it was so nice is because it's definitely the least crowded park at Disney. You have easier access to the characters so you don't have to stand in line for an hour just to take your picture and get an autograph. We didn't even bump into quite so many people! The girls seemed to be more relaxed and I didn't even have to put one kid in time-out the WHOLE day.

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