Friday, September 18, 2009

Any indication....

How is your morning going?

So far this morning this is what I've done....and it's ONLY 8:31 a.m.

1. Doug got out of shower 6 minutes late therefore making me slightly grouchy because I know today will the the DAY that one of the girls comes bounding out of bed at like 6:22.

2. Hadley, who woke up at 6:44, decided to unplug her night-light, turn off her fan, and strip off her diaper. Found her laying in a heap on the floor hugging her froggie, bare-bottomed, smiling and greeted me, "Hi mommeeee!" (Seriously, the cutest little girl ever).

3. Delaney informed me at breakfast that she only wanted something soft to eat because she feels like she will get a headache at some point today. No, she doesn't have one yet but thinks she will. I offered her a banana, yogurt, or toast. No to toast. No to yogurt. Yes, she will have a banana. Thank the Lord!

4. Hadley (while she thought she was NOT being watched) pushed the stool from the bathroom into the kitchen. Continued on to scale the cabinets and made it safely to the counter tops. Sat herself next to the GIANT bowl of candy corn that her mommy put as far out of her reach as humanly possible. Helped herself to several pieces. She didn't see what the big deal is or why her mommy got so upset. Delaney saw that she had candy corn in her mouth and protested that she also wants candy corn. After informing Delaney that we don't eat candy corn for breakfast, I caved and gave her a piece to keep the peace.

5. Caught Hadley sitting in the sink in her bathroom just chilling out. Maybe she needed a quiet place (sure wish I could also find one).

6. Heard Delaney screaming for me on the toilet that she ran out of toilet paper. When I went in to replace the roll, saw lipstick smeared all over her lips and around the perimeter of her lips. "What is that all over your face?" "Make-up." Like duh, mom!

All this and it's not even 9 am. I'm fearful of what this day will bring.......

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