Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Animal Kingdom

"Upside down" trees in Disney's "Africa"

Delaney & Pluto

Pooh & Delaney

Hadley trying to drink the fountain water in "China"

Please just get your feet & hands wet ONLY!

Yeah right mom!

Day 3 of our Disney trip was spent in Animal Kingdom. This park was absolutely beautiful! I was so impressed by the safari. Disney actually recreated a landscape made to look like you're in Africa. I was blown away by the detail. The safari itself was very cool. You pile into this beat up old jeep and they drive you through this recreated Africa where the animals are literally just roaming around. I don't know how they keep the animals separated so the lion doesn't just decide to go "visit" the zebras and take a swipe at them but I'm sure there's some kind of system in place. Of course the girls thought it was fun! A jeep ride & animals all in one! The only drawback to this park would be the HEAT! I mean it's. really. hot. Did I mention the humidity yet? If not let's just say I now know why I would never willingly move to Florida. I mean it's 7:00 in the morning and I could literally break into a sweat walking from our condo to the car. The Animal Kingdom is hotter than the other parks in my opinion because there's not as many indoor rides/shows as there are at some of the other parks. There is plenty of shade but the humidity makes it impossible to enjoy. Have I mentioned how much I disliked all the humidity?

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