Monday, September 21, 2009

Lunch with Cinderella

Delaney & Cinderella

Delaney & Snow White

Delaney & Sleeping Beauty

Delaney & Jasmine

Delaney & Belle

If Delaney did nothing else in Disney other than have lunch with Cinderella, she would have died a happy girl. This is ALL this girl talked about from the moment we told her. We took along her costume so she could wear it to the castle. I wish I knew all the details from this lunch but unfortunately, I do not. This was the day that Hadley was hospitalized for stridor and we were absent from the park the entire day. I saw no reason that Delaney needed to miss this so Doug was able to take her. I do know that she had a wonderful time. She was a little put off that Cinderella didn't actually sit down & have lunch at her table. I guess maybe next time her parents can do a better job of explaining the situation. Overall, she was a happy girl and talked about how nice all the princesses were. They sent her home with pictures and an official Cinderella "magic" wand. She carried this said wand all over the place for like 5 days. If little sister felt like pushing her buttons, she would steal this magical wand and run off waving it around all the while big sister would shriek hysterically and cry herself into a heap on the floor. YES, we love our Cinderella wand. And NO, you may NOT touch it. Or look at it.

Magic Kingdom

Days 5, 6 & 7 were all about the Magic Kingdom! Saved the best for last as Doug said! I honestly didn't think I was going to survive all the waiting. This is truly my favorite park at Disney. I know this may sound silly but it truly feels magical when you're there. Of course the girls LOVED it. The only ride Delaney rode that she didn't care for all that much was Splash Mountain. Oh let's see...maybe it's the 40 foot drop at the end that did it for her! Her favorite (I think) was the Thunder Mountain Railroad. What an awesome roller coaster that is! She and I rode it together once and then she wanted to ride it again immediately. So we did. And loved it again.

The only drawback to this park is all the people. All the crowds were starting to make those leashes you can buy for your kids start to look better and better. For the most part, the girls rode nicely in the double stroller we rented. Of course they wanted to get down and walk around some and enjoy the parks. Which is fine unless you're a stubborn two year old that thinks you're running the show. Then it's a problem!

All in all, GREAT family trip. I am beginning a new countdown as we speak until the next trip. I have sunk into a deep depression because all I want to do is go back to Disney. Doug keeps telling me to snap out of it! And all I keep telling him is that I'm moving into Cinderella's castle!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Any indication....

How is your morning going?

So far this morning this is what I've done....and it's ONLY 8:31 a.m.

1. Doug got out of shower 6 minutes late therefore making me slightly grouchy because I know today will the the DAY that one of the girls comes bounding out of bed at like 6:22.

2. Hadley, who woke up at 6:44, decided to unplug her night-light, turn off her fan, and strip off her diaper. Found her laying in a heap on the floor hugging her froggie, bare-bottomed, smiling and greeted me, "Hi mommeeee!" (Seriously, the cutest little girl ever).

3. Delaney informed me at breakfast that she only wanted something soft to eat because she feels like she will get a headache at some point today. No, she doesn't have one yet but thinks she will. I offered her a banana, yogurt, or toast. No to toast. No to yogurt. Yes, she will have a banana. Thank the Lord!

4. Hadley (while she thought she was NOT being watched) pushed the stool from the bathroom into the kitchen. Continued on to scale the cabinets and made it safely to the counter tops. Sat herself next to the GIANT bowl of candy corn that her mommy put as far out of her reach as humanly possible. Helped herself to several pieces. She didn't see what the big deal is or why her mommy got so upset. Delaney saw that she had candy corn in her mouth and protested that she also wants candy corn. After informing Delaney that we don't eat candy corn for breakfast, I caved and gave her a piece to keep the peace.

5. Caught Hadley sitting in the sink in her bathroom just chilling out. Maybe she needed a quiet place (sure wish I could also find one).

6. Heard Delaney screaming for me on the toilet that she ran out of toilet paper. When I went in to replace the roll, saw lipstick smeared all over her lips and around the perimeter of her lips. "What is that all over your face?" "Make-up." Like duh, mom!

All this and it's not even 9 am. I'm fearful of what this day will bring.......


Daisy giving Delaney her autograph

Goofy & Hadley

The girls hanging out on the shark from Finding Nemo

Day 4 of our Disney trip extravaganza was spent in Epcot. I had such mixed feelings about Epcot. I knew I would enjoy it as I've been told it's a very "adult" park. Several people told me that the kids might even find it a bit "boring." So I went to Epcot kicking and screaming to Doug that the girls would be bored and all we wanted to do anyway was go to the Magic Kingdom already!!! Boy did I get to eat my words! Our day spent at Epcot was probably the nicest day we had the ENTIRE trip! I believe it was so nice is because it's definitely the least crowded park at Disney. You have easier access to the characters so you don't have to stand in line for an hour just to take your picture and get an autograph. We didn't even bump into quite so many people! The girls seemed to be more relaxed and I didn't even have to put one kid in time-out the WHOLE day.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Animal Kingdom

"Upside down" trees in Disney's "Africa"

Delaney & Pluto

Pooh & Delaney

Hadley trying to drink the fountain water in "China"

Please just get your feet & hands wet ONLY!

Yeah right mom!

Day 3 of our Disney trip was spent in Animal Kingdom. This park was absolutely beautiful! I was so impressed by the safari. Disney actually recreated a landscape made to look like you're in Africa. I was blown away by the detail. The safari itself was very cool. You pile into this beat up old jeep and they drive you through this recreated Africa where the animals are literally just roaming around. I don't know how they keep the animals separated so the lion doesn't just decide to go "visit" the zebras and take a swipe at them but I'm sure there's some kind of system in place. Of course the girls thought it was fun! A jeep ride & animals all in one! The only drawback to this park would be the HEAT! I mean it's. really. hot. Did I mention the humidity yet? If not let's just say I now know why I would never willingly move to Florida. I mean it's 7:00 in the morning and I could literally break into a sweat walking from our condo to the car. The Animal Kingdom is hotter than the other parks in my opinion because there's not as many indoor rides/shows as there are at some of the other parks. There is plenty of shade but the humidity makes it impossible to enjoy. Have I mentioned how much I disliked all the humidity?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me Monday

The idea for today's blog is from MckMama at where mommas can unite together in our imperfections!

Since I am dedicating my blogging this week to our Disney trip, I will make this a Disney versions of "not me" Monday.

It was certainly NOT me that went to the Disney store the day prior to departing for our trip and spent $80 on toys to bribe my girls with all the way to Orlando. Nope. My kids are angels and understand how difficult it is to drive while they're screaming in the backseat. They would never make me want to drive my car into a telephone pole. They are especially well behaved on long distance trips. Yes...the "perfect" little car riders they are indeed.

It was NOT me while visiting the Animal Kingdom that carried my two year old child out of a restaurant kicking and screaming. I did NOT put the same said child in a time-out on the sidewalk in front of hundreds of gawking people. My girls are truly model children and always eat when they're asked to. They would never throw a temper tantrum and scream at the top of their lungs because they didn't want to eat. That's just insane! I also did not go back to our hotel afterwards and cry like a baby. No, I have a better handle on my emotions than that. And because my children never misbehave in this fashion, I never have meltdowns myself. We're happy 24/7 in this household!

And finally, it was NOT me who upon realizing that her daughter pooped in her diaper minutes before showering, decided to rinse her off in the shower instead of cleaning up the mess properly. I never cut corners and always do everything 110%. Yep. We're never gross and definitely don't do gross things. Not me!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hollywood Studios at Disney

"Magic" Mickey as Delaney called him

So sweet! This pic is why we have children!

Hadley showing off her Daisy tattoo

Hadley playing in Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Delaney playing in Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Hadley getting a tattoo

Yes....we're baaaaaack! It's like I need a vacation from my vacation! Seriously, no one else in the whole wide world loves Disney World as much as me. I am like a giant kid when it comes to this place. So, in honor of our week long trip & my obsession, I will be dedicating this week to blogging about our family trip to Walt Disney World. Woohoo! All in all, this was a GREAT trip! We had one very low point in the trip which I will mention but not get into great detail just yet. It's a long story and I don't have the heart to write about it just yet. Our sweet Hadley was hosptialized while on vacation because of something called Epiglottitis or stridor. She had to spend 24 hours in the hospital. As I said, I will blog about this incident separately as it has a very long story behind it. She is completely FINE now and throwing a fit as I type this.

So the first day and a half of our trip was spent in Hollywood Studios or as I remember it, MGM studios. While I enjoy this park a lot, it's not the best for little kids. True, they did have some things that were truly geared for younger children. They offer a lot of musical shows & 3D shows. They had some rides that looked pretty awesome but again, for older children. We did enjoy Playhouse Disney, The Little Mermaid Show, Beauty & the Beast show, Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground and the Muppet 3D show. Doug and Delaney rode some sort of Star Wars ride that Hadley was too little to ride. So while they were doing this, Hadley & I ventured off to get a tattoo. To be specific, a Daisy tattoo that even at this moment is still intact and shows no signs of fading. Go Disney! Whatever they're using in their tattoos, they should share with the rest of the world.

My personal favorite thing that we experienced at Hollywood Studios was the Beauty & the Beast show. It was a 20 minute performance with singing & dancing. The girls literally did NOT move a muscle during the performance, especially Hadley. They watched in awe. I love all the costumes. I'm always a little fascinated at how fast they can change into something new.