Monday, August 24, 2009

Not my child Monday...

The idea for today's blog is from MckMama at where mommas can unite together in our imperfections!

It was NOT my child that did not nap two days in a row causing catastrophe-like meltdowns of such proportion that I cannot even describe into words her behavior. These same said meltdowns did NOT occur at the dinner table where this lovely little two year old picked up her plate at threw it onto the floor. Nope! Our two year old knows that she is supposed to nap every day and would never skip it. She would also never waste food in that fashion knowing there are starving children all over the world. Not my child.

It was NOT my child that teased her Nana's dog all day Saturday while visiting at the campground. She did not chase her around and poke her with her fingers in hopes that this 4 pound chihuahua would use her baby teeth to nip at her. She also did not giggle hysterically when this would occur. Nope. My child respects all animals and would never resort to this kind of behavior for entertainment purposes. She also did NOT crawl into same said dog's pet crate and roll up into a ball. She did NOT scream at her father to close the door to pet crate so she could be trapped. My child knows to play with her toys and would never put herself in a claustrophobic space.

Finally, it was NOT my child who closed herself into her parents' bathroom where she happily proceeded to unravel the entire brand new roll of toilet paper. We are tree huggers here and are NOT wasteful. My child would never resort to wasting anything. My child is quite the conservationist.

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Ellie said...

I love your Not My Child Mondays!!! So funny - thanks for the laugh!