Thursday, August 13, 2009

Coming to an end....

Hadley likes to practice safety with all the floaties!

Delaney playing on the pool stairs

Just coming out of the water

Delaney sporting her Up 3-D glasses

Hadley sporting her goggles....Scuba Sally!

Hadley being a ham after torturing Gary the grasshopper

Hadley peering into the bug box to check on Gary the grasshopper

As much as I enjoy summer time and all the fun things I get to do with the girls, I'm always happy for it to wrap up. I find myself getting grumpy for lack of alone time. I also find myself running out of fresh ideas to keep the kiddos from going nuts & taking me with them. So a little more than a week, BOTH girls will be off to preschool. Delaney will be doing Pre-K this year (sniff, sniff) and Hadley will be going to the two year class twice a week. I am excited because this is the first real break I'll have had since Delaney started preschool in the toddler class & I was pregnant with Hadley( so like 2-1/2 years). WOOHOO!

This summer has also been a bit harder for me than summers past. In an effort to save money due to the economy, our upcoming Disney trip (in less than a month), and just life in general, I did not sign the girls up for any activities this summer. I decided we needed to learn to survive without all the hustle-bustle that this generation of kids seems to have generated. We did play dates with friends, trips to the park, fed the ducks, bug catching, swimming pool excursions, good ole fashioned sprinkler time in the back yard, camping, and swimming at the lake. At first, I didn't know if we'd all survive or not. I thought we'd need swimming lessons or tennis lessons or something else to occupy ourselves. And YES, I will admit, it was very hard at the start but after the first month, we kind of got used to it. The best part of the whole "experiment" was that the girls learned how to entertain themselves more and didn't look to me quite as much as they used to to find things for them to do. They also learned how to play together better and became more creative using their imaginations. This last part made me feel especially good. I felt like I gave them a gift. Not only was this good for them but it was good for me. I was the one who needed to learn how to be with my kids without having to scoot them off to various activities. It was eye opening and will make me reflect differently on how we approach future activities.

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